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Volvo Launches EV Truck Brand

Launched in a market that is resistant to trucks, the Radar brand is surprisingly successful.



In order to create a lineup of electric trucks and SUVs, Geely introduces the Radar brand.

The Radar RD6 truck, which was unveiled last week, is anticipated to have a CLTC cycle range of 373 miles.

The introduction of the truck and SUV brand in China is a reflection of the relatively recent development of a market for lifestyle pickups.

This week, the Chinese automaker Geely, which is the parent company of both Lotus and Volvo, debuted a full brand in addition to an electric truck. The Radar RD6 electric truck, which was previewed a few days ago via some leaked images, was officially shown this week. It promises a range of more than 600 kilometers (373 miles) on a full charge, at least in China’s CLTC cycle.


The RD6 is a lifestyle pickup that will effectively be the first electric vehicle marketed to urban dwellers who enjoy being outside, a market that has not previously been served in China. The RD6 is one of several camping-oriented models that Geely wants to produce in the ensuing years, all of which are based on the company’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA).

The company intends to produce a gigantic SUV, a four-wheel bike, a coupe-style truck, and an even bigger pickup.

The brand-new renderings made public this week depict a layout and proportions akin to the Honda Ridgeline, with a practical but not excessively large cargo bed intended for camping equipment.

It’s important to note that pickups are currently almost exclusively utilized by farmers in China, and are rarely seen in big cities. In fact, until a few years ago, they and other commercial vehicles were prohibited in many places. There are only a few competitors in the entire market, with Great Wall Motor possibly being the most well-known brand outside of China as a result of exports to other parts of Asia and other continents.


Due to sales in Australia, where pickup trucks are popular for international automakers, Great Wall had been pushing toward lifestyle pickups. But up until this point, there was no electric pickup truck marketed toward buyers of lifestyle vehicles.

With the creation of Lynk & Co., Zeekr, Polestar, and now Radar in a short period of time, Geely itself has been on something of a brand-launching binge during the past several years. The carmaker has consistently been in the right location at the right time and is without a doubt one of the most inventive when it comes to new nameplates and body styles. It is also willing to try new things.

Although it is unclear whether Radar will have a significant influence in China, Geely will at least have the entire electric truck market to itself until the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck, which is now anticipated in late 2023 at the earliest in North America and certainly much later worldwide.