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‘Virgin River’ fans are wondering how Charmaine has been pregnant for 4 seasons

How is Charmaine still pregnant and whose babies is she having? Fans react to Charmaine’s seasons-long pregnancy and the timeline of Virgin River. Here’s how far along she and Mel are.



From possible attempted murder suspects to paternity questions, “Virgin River” is packed with suspenseful moments. Still, viewers may find the show’s timeline to be the most intriguing aspect.

Fans of the fifth season of “Virgin River” noted on social media that Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) appears to be pregnant for more than the typical nine months.

To which Charmaine’s mother replies, “Poor Charmaine. One Twitter user noted, “She’s been pregnant for three years.”

In the pilot episode, Charmaine, the ex-girlfriend of Jack (Martin Henderson), learned that she was pregnant. In the Season 4 finale, Jack tells 911 operators that Charmaine is five months along in her pregnancy.


Beginning in 2019, the show can be viewed on Netflix. Characters are five months older than when the show began, while viewers have aged three years. That’s too much cognitive dissonance for some people to handle.

There have been calls for “Virgin River” to “pick up the pace” from some viewers.

It’s ridiculous that Charmaine on #VirginRiver has been carrying the same twins for three years (and four seasons). One Twitter user noted, “Even the elephants are starting to roll their eyes.”

In spite of Charmaine’s pregnancy, life in Virgin River seems to be moving at a rapid pace.


Let’s measure everything that’s happened in “Virgin River” by Charmaine’s pregnancy. Given that she is already five months along in her pregnancy at the start of Season 4, it follows that the entire events of Seasons 1-3 occurred within that same time frame.

That means, as one Twitter user put it, “in 5 months, Jack broke up with (Charmaine), got together with Mel, got shot, recovered, broke up with Mel, got together with Mel, and is engaged to her and she is six weeks pregnant.”

And that doesn’t even include Mel and Jack’s protracted argument over having children, or Charmaine and Todd’s whirlwind romance and subsequent wedding (Patrick Sabongui).

The fact that Charmaine is only five months along in her pregnancy is a sobering factor in the show’s hectic tempo.


What have been some of the major developments in the last five months? The unexpected visit of Doc’s grandson Denny. Due to Lilly’s passing. Broken brain and the loss of hope. Story of Paige and Preacher.

Twitter user: “How does everything move so fast… yet so slow?”

In an interview with Glamour, Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, discussed the timeline.

She told the reporter, “Things move slowly in Virgin River.” Mel has only been in Virgin River for about four months, as far as I can tell. There’s a calendar for the odd number of days after one hundred. She’s only nine weeks along, while Charmaine is apparently five months along.


Mel and Jack’s budding romance has been complicated by Charmaine’s pregnancy since the first season. Considering that he was expecting twins with his ex and had a business to run, Jack was hesitant to start a family with Mel in Season 3.

Another complication has arisen. After hearing Mel’s paternity news, Charmaine reveals in the finale that Jack is not the father of her children.

Even though the series has been renewed for a fifth season, it is unclear what changes will be made to Charmaine’s pregnancy status. We now know that Mel is carrying Jack’s child, so we’re waiting to hear about Charmaine’s babies.

Who is the father, if anyone? Is it just another one of the Virgin River’s side characters? Is she considering a return to California from Eureka, where Todd compelled her to live?


Season 5 may not only provide answers to these questions, but also a surprising plot development: the birth of She and Mel’s children.

If this keeps up, we won’t get to meet Charmaine and Mel’s kids until 2025 at the earliest.