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Video Tour Of $70 Million Newport Beach Home Belonging To The “King Of Bling” That Just Came To Market

Michael Amini just listed his house on the Newport Coast for $69.8 million. Look, it’s not a mistake that they refer to him as the King of Bling. His home makes Donald Trump’s gold-plated New York penthouse look nearly plain. His house stands as a symbol of excess.



After earning a degree in electrical engineering at Cal State Long Beach, Michael and went to work designing circuits for a company in Brea, California. He was so utterly bored. He aimed to create objects that people could observe and enjoy. He then began creating furniture. Really frilly, blingy, ornate furniture.

Today his company, Amini Innovation Corp., also known as Aico, is located in the Los Angeles suburb of Pico Rivera. More than 3,000 locations across 80 nations are where the business offers its goods. IKEA budgeters should not purchase Amini’s goods. A dining room table and chairs typically cost $5,000 to $9,000, but they can cost as much as $20,000 or more.

You can better prepare for Amini’s $69.8 million Newport Coast property if you are aware of his history. Look, it’s not a mistake that they refer to him as the King of Bling. His abode is kind of modest compared to Donald Trump’s gold-plated New York penthouse.

The house of Amini is a symbol of extravagance. The seven-bedroom house has majestic arches, elegant balconies, columns, and other architectural features that give it the appearance of a Palladian European castle. The house is rightfully referred to as the Palais de Cristal. Surprising things are shown inside, such as a garage with its own sound system and smoke machine, allowing it to transform into a nightclub with a rotating dance floor in a matter of seconds.

The foyer of the house has a mosaic floor made of Jordanian marble with a pink onyx inlay. Looking up at the ceiling, light pours through the glass dome, which is centered by the “Eye of Phoenix,” an eye covered in Swarovski crystals. Staircases made of handcrafted iron with 24-carat gold detailing descend on either side of the foyer and were inspired by Paris’ Peninsula hotel.

Even if the furnishings are customized to a very specific design approach, the $69.8 million price tag is not out of the ordinary for the area. Author Dean Koontz sold his Orange County, California, mansion last year for $50 million. A mansion on the same block as Amini’s sold for $41 million earlier this year.