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Video Captures Moment $100 Million Yacht Owned By Capri Sun Billionaire Crashes Into Caribbean Yacht Club – Yes. Capri Sun Made Someone A Billionaire.

Hans-Peter Wild’s $100 million yacht has an onboard helipad, swimming pool, gym and even hospital. Unfortunately, it also has a very high repair cost after today.



Multi-billionaire Hans-Peter Wild has a fortune. Hans-Peter also owns a truly incredible yacht, just like any decent multi-billionaire should. The name of Hans-superyacht Peter’s is “Go.” Go is a distinctive yacht for a number of reasons. First of all, it is mostly painted in a striking turquoise blue. That is not frequently seen. The 250-foot yacht also has a host of amazing onboard facilities. Go includes a hospital, helipad, pool, steam room, gym, and more on board. A 40-foot part of the boat’s side opens out like a garage door to let the “limousine,” a 32-foot miniature version of Go, out if you need to make a fast beer run. The little yacht is turquoise as well. The estimated cost of construction? $100 million.

Launched in 2018, Hans-Peter largely keeps it in the Caribbean. I hope he also maintains a robust insurance policy there.

On the morning of February 24, a man by the name of Tom Polo (or at least that is his YouTube username) was enjoying a nice breakfast at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club on the island of Saint Martin (eggs Benedict, according to his YouTube description). As Tom took in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of Simpson Bay, this happened:

Tom’s YouTube video states that this was actually the THIRD time in a short period of time. Go slammed into the docks and pier of the yacht club. It appears that the yacht’s computer system had a bug and caused the autonomous navigation to go berserk.

Fortunately, Hans-Peter Wild has $3 billion in net worth, so even if he isn’t completely insured, he will be able to pay for all the damage his little yachty caused.

How Did Hans-Peter Wild Make His Fortune?

In 1931, a decade before he was born, Hans-Peter’s father Rudolf Wild founded a natural food ingredient company that he initially named Zick-Zack Werk. After a few years in business, he changed the name to WILD and relocated the company’s operations to Heidelberg, Germany. Manufacturing ingredients for alcohol-free natural beverages was WILD’s first major accomplishment. Juices, in essence.

WILD soon specialized in manufacturing the ingredients which would then be used by other companies to make everything from ice cream to drinks. Similar to a drop-shipper for other brands, WILD.

In the mid-1960s, WILD invented an innovative system where the drink liquid could be injected by assembly line machines directly into awesome little plastic pouches. This greatly facilitated mass production.

Capri Sun

Hans-Peter was not actually employed by the family firm while WILD was making what would arguably end up being the greatest beverage ever. He obtained an undergraduate degree, a law degree, a business degree, and a PhD before finally joining WILD in 1974. After that, he spent four years working for Diersch & Schroder’s shipping division.

In 1974, Hans-Peter joined WILD with the express purpose of making Capri Sun a household name.

He Hans-Peter eventually succeeded in his endeavor after around twenty years. By 1991 Capri Sun was the market leader in Europe for non-alcoholic natural beverages.

Capri first acquired recognized market leadership in the US in 1994.

Hans-Peter Wild
(Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Selling Out

Hans-Peter took over as Chairman and CEO of Wild upon his father’s death in 1995. For another 20 years, the firm remained the undisputed leader in the world.

$2 billion was made by Hans-Peter from the transaction. The remaining $1 billion went to his mother and some siblings.

The one brand that did not come with the sale to ADM? Sun of Capri.

Capri Sun was formerly spun off as a separate business years ago. Currently, Hans-Peter personally controls 100% of Capri Sun through his Capri Sun Group Holding, which is headquartered in Switzerland. Although the business is technically more of a licensing company. As an illustration, Capri Sun is only offered in North America thanks to a collaboration with Kraft Heinz. Coca-Cola is the beverage’s distributor in the majority of Europe. In Mexico, Mondelez. the Ezaki Group, etc. in Japan

There you have it, then. You learnt today that Capri Sun brought in enough cash for someone to buy a turquoise yacht with a helipad. Additionally, he is the owner of a rugby team. But more importantly he owns a $100 million yacht that I like to think is stocked with an ungodly amount of Capri Sun.

If the lower compartments of “Go” are flooded, I suggest sticking a giant straw in the bottom to suck it all out. Certainly more effective than attempting to suck it out the top.

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