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Valorant Agent Tier List: July 2022

Our Valorant Agent tier list for July 2022 breaks down what agents are the best to use in Episode 5 Act 1. The list is based on the damage output, utility usage of each agent, and how easy the learning curve for each agent is.



Episode 5 Act 1’s best Valorant Agents are laid out in our July 2022 tier list. The damage output, utility consumption, and ease of learning curve of each agent are taken into consideration when determining the list. There was no agent update at the time of the new Episode’s release, but we can expect a few buffs in the next patch update.

Listed below are the best Valorant Agents currently available in the game, and why we think they’re the best to play.

The voices in your head when you’re trying to clutch a 1v4? Clutch Mute, a new key binding, can now be used to quiet the Agents in the backseat. Patch Notes 4.11 has all of this and more. Twitter: @j1JIBLcPDO, @edvu66yNG2, @edvu66yNG2. VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) 2022, June 7th

The Tier List for Valorant Agents as of July 2022


S a tier



July’s most popular Valorant matchups feature these five top players. There are five agents with a high damage output and useful utility, as well as a higher survival rate. So, if you’d like to continue winning matches, pick up and practice one of these agents next time!


Neon Chamber, Level One





These are the most accessible but also most powerful agents in the game. You have an advantage over these agents if you know how to play them. In spite of their lack of power, they are still excellent agents to have on your team.

Brimstone B-Grade





Because it is difficult to learn and master their utility, these agents are in the B tier. These agents are more difficult to counter and, as a result, platers prefer not to use them.

A Phoenix Yoru of the C-tier

These agents are at the bottom of the list due to their low damage and limited utility. There is a rumor that these two characters, who are the least likely to be used in-game, will each receive a buff during Patch 5.01.