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US agrees to Iran meeting, US and Israel pledge no nukes for Iran

U.S. President Joe Biden said he encouraged Israel’s Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, to build a security partnership with President Barack Obama and seal a deal on Iran’s nuclear weapons program in the n



enhance Israel’s absorption into the region and generate enduring linkages for business cooperation and tourism.”

There is hope that a tiny but growing number of steps will bring Israel and Saudi Arabia closer together, even though it seems doubtful that Biden’s visit to the region will result in the instant establishing of relations.

According to Asher Fredman of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute, “peace and normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia will most likely take place through a succession of gradual, measured, and increasingly open gestures,” Asher Fredman told Fox News Digital.

As he said, “This will take time, but we are moving in the right route. Growing cooperation between Abraham Accords states in areas like trade, energy, and innovation is already showcasing the immense promise of peace for the countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia.


President Biden’s journey from Jerusalem to Jedda “reflects the idea that enhanced regional cooperation can assist bring solutions to important difficulties in domains like food, energy, and logistics with Europe in the midst of a land conflict and peace spreading throughout the Middle East,” added Fredman.

In addition, on Thursday, Biden and Lapid co-hosted the inaugural I2U2 virtual summit with the leaders of India and the United Arab Emirates. The White House stated that the objective of the meeting was to “harness the vibrancy of our societies and entrepreneurial spirit to tackle some of the greatest challenges facing our world, with a particular focus on joint investments and new initiatives in water, energy, transportation, space, health, and food security.