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Um, Vanessa Hudgens (And Her Abs) Are Total πŸ”₯ In A Red Bikini On IG

“Sheeeeesh πŸ₯΅.”



In her most recent Instagram post, confident queen Vanessa Hudgens can be seen strutting her stuff in a bikini.

The 33-year-old actress strikes a pose next to a rock formation, her chiseled abs and toned legs on full display.

About six times a week, Vanessa hits the gym, and she finds that having workout partners keeps her more accountable.

That bikini you wear every summer has a different effect on you. To wit: the stunning red bikini worn by Vanessa Hudgens.


The 33-year-old High School Musical alumna posted a slew of bikini-clad selfies with artist pal Vince Rossi to Instagram over the weekend. Pictures of Vanessa posing on rocks reveal a body with incredibly defined abs and toned legs.

In the caption, she merely wrote. And, to be frank, she can stop talking right there.

Commenters showed some mild concern. ‘Omg girl…’ one person remarked. Someone else chimed in, “It should be illegal to look that good!” A third voice added, “Sheeeeeesh.”

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It’s no secret that Vanessa trains hard to bulk up. Vanessa does a variety of exercises, and she likes to work up a sweat with a friend. She recently revealed that she went all out during a workout at The Dogpound, a gym frequented by many famous people. She has stated in an interview with Women’s Health that she plans to exercise with her friends six times per week. “She continued, “I reach out to friends to hold me accountable because it’s almost a daydream for me to be consistently self-motivated.”

So, what precisely do those exercises entail? The variation is notably large. A regular at SoulCycle, Pilates, and yoga for the past decade, Vanessa told Well+Good that she likes to switch things up during the week to work different muscle groups.

Vanessa has posted a ton of videos and photos of herself and her trainer, Julia Brown, crushing workouts at The Dogpound. Vanessa has completed a number of rigorous exercise sessions, including those using battle ropes and resistance bands, in which she can be seen performing a variety of squats and jumps with Brown.

Vanessa is a supporter of the intermittent fasting diet. “When I’m not eating carbs, I feel like a little piece of me dies,” she told People. “So I’ve been intermittent fasting a lot.” Daily, she eats from noon until 6 p.m., and then goes without food for the remaining 18 hours.


Even Vanessa is a fish eater (meaning, she mostly follows a plant-based diet with some fish in the mix). She recalled, “I used to be the girl who ate bacon for breakfast every morning” to Women’s Health. “The treatment of animals is completely inhumane. I don’t agree with that kind of system.

But that suit…

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