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TV station loses power while discussing blackouts on air

An ABC station lost power in Texas as its meteorologist was on air discussing the possibilities of a blackout.



When his TV station lost power in the middle of a show on Wednesday, a meteorologist’s warning about impending Texas blackouts turned into an unexpected demonstration.

On Wednesday afternoon about 3 p.m., Travis Herzog was broadcasting live for Houston ABC station KTRK when the studio lights abruptly went out.

Herzog was discussing the likelihood of rolling blackouts in the state owing to the ongoing heat wave when the blackout occurred.

According to the Texas Electricity Reliability Council, the studio was not a part of the anticipated rolling blackout. In actuality, ERCOT informed ABC News that no blackouts were anticipated or actually carried out on Wednesday.


Herzog’s weather report, however, was the unfortunate victim of an unanticipated outage.

Thankfully, studio engineers were able to switch from grid power to generator power and they were able to continue on the air.

Herzog claims that the station was powered by the grid again around two hours later, but that there was a subsequent blackout.

Herzog’s estimate was cut short when he mentioned the ongoing excessive temperatures in Texas.


The National Weather Service stated that Waco and Austin both reached 108 degrees on Wednesday.

According to the NWS, Waco has had high temperatures above 105 degrees each of the last six days.

The lunchtime temperature in Houston has been circling around 100 degrees.

Thursday still sees many parts of central Texas under heat advisories.


Due to the severe heat this week, the state’s power system issued two separate conservation requests in the space of three days.

A few hours prior to the KTRK blackout on Wednesday, ERCOT made a voluntary request for Texans and business owners to save energy from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The ERCOT advisory also noted that the day’s peak energy supply and demand period would be from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., which coincided with KTRK’s 3 p.m. power outage.

It was anticipated that the demand for electricity on Wednesday would be 78,451 megawatts, breaking the previous high set on Monday and Tuesday.


Residents in Texas will be watching for a potential third call from ERCOT to save electricity as well as the prospect of rolling blackouts as the state is expected to see even hotter temperatures over the weekend.