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TSM unveils new LCS lineup ahead of week 4 of 2022 Summer Split

TSM has made changes to both its LCS and Academy teams to improve its place in the standings.



top laner Huni is leaving the team due to wrist problems.

Spica, a current LCS jungler, and Maple, a mid laner, will serve as the cornerstones of the new LCS squad. S0ul, the top laner from TSM Academy, and AD carry Instinct have been promoted by the org to the LCS squad. In addition, Golden Guardians Academy support Chime has been added to the roster to play in the bottom lane with Instinct because of their “synergy,” according to Yang’s Reddit post.

Golden Guardians Academy has welcomed back former ADC Prismal as the team’s new support in Chime’s place as he attempts to assist the group improve upon their ninth-place ranking.

TSM and Dignitas are tied for eighth place and the final playoff berth in the 2022 LCS Summer Split with a record of 2-5. In week four, TSM will get the chance to play Cloud9 and FlyQuest with their fresh squad.


Tactical and Mia, the bot lane combination, will join TSM Academy because to “ongoing personal and performance concerns” for the ADC and to help Mia build her confidence. TSM has also disclosed that former TSM Academy jungler Hyper and support Shenyi have been demoted as a result of these adjustments to the Academy team.

Despite exerting more effort this summer split than he did in the previous split, Yang admitted to Hyper that “he was still unable to achieve expectations.” According to information about Shenyi, this choice was taken as a result of “lack of motivation paired with the absence of shot-calling.”

TSM Academy has hired LCS veteran top laner Solo and LCS experienced jungler Anda to fill these new gaps. Anda will play remotely from Canada until his visa is approved.

TSM Academy and Golden Guardians Academy are tied for ninth place. With their new lineups, both teams will want to move up in the regular-season standings.