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Trump Family Lists Oceanfront Palm Beach Mansion Across From Mar-a-Lago For $49 Million



An eight-bedroom, 10,455 square-foot Palm Beach mansion just hit the market. The price on offer is $49 million. The vendor? a business using the names of Donald Trump’s two oldest sons.

The Palm Beach Daily News further states that the house has a mortgage that is worth about $11.25 million.

Not sure whether that’s just a hilarious coincidence, but take note that the mortgage’s $11.25 million value exactly matches the residence’s 1125 South Ocean street location. Eric and Don should have listed the house for $45 million, in honor of Donald being elected as the 45th president. However, they would prefer to have the additional $4 million.

In recent years when Trump family members haven’t been staying at the mansion, it has been used as a rental, fetching a reported $100,000 per month.

Whoever purchases the home, I can practically guarantee it won’t be a liberal Hollywood billionaire.

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