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Triple digit temperatures will remain with showers possible

Wednesday will once again be mostly sunny with temperatures climbing above the 100-degree mark.



On Wednesday, temperatures will easily surpass 100 degrees under largely sunny conditions. Since the air is a little dryer than it was on Tuesday, I don’t anticipate many storms or pop-up showers in the Hill Country. Given the geography of the Hill Country, I’ll keep the likelihood of rain at 10% and ignore any chance of even a sliver of rain elsewhere in the region. Now on Thursday, a faint impulse will approach late in the day from the northeast as it circles the massive heat dome. Moisture levels will be higher as this impulse moves in, and this should aid in the development of a scattering of showers or storms. Later on Thursday, I’m going to increase the rain chance in and around Bexar County to 30%, and I’m going to increase the possibility to 40% in the Hill Country. Also worthy of remark, severe weather criteria are more striking and would support the possibility of 1″ hail and a risk of high wind gusts in any big storm.

Description: First Alert With Brad Sowder, the weather

The only risk of rain is minimal and primarily along the coast with the sea wind as drier air moves back in on Friday and over the weekend. For the time being, I’ll call for highs Friday into Saturday that will just barely exceed 100 degrees.



Very hot on Wednesday. Generally sunny High 104

Mostly sunny on Thursday. Thirty percent Rain. High 102

Friday: Very hot and mostly sunny. Saturday high of 101: Mostly sunny and extremely warm. High 102

Sunday: More intense sunshine. High 103


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