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Tom Cruise Lists 320-Acre Telluride, Colorado Estate For $39.5 Million

In 1994 Tom Cruise completed construction on this 10,000 square-foot mansion. This 320-acre ski resort in Telluride, Colorado, is for sale for $39.5 million.



Tom bought the property for an undisclosed amount in the early 1990s, not long after marrying Nicole Kidman. They finished building a 10,000 square foot residence with four bedrooms and six bathrooms in 1994. Tom did most of the design work himself. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the inn. One mile is taken up just by the driveway.

The resort’s facilities include a sizable sports court and entertainment area, a helipad, dirt bike and snowmobile paths, a tennis court, an ice hockey rink (open only in the winter), a spa, and extensive hiking and snowshoeing trails.

Telluride’s runway wasn’t long enough to accept large private aircraft when Tom first constructed the house. Tom spent years lobbying local officials to expand the runway. In the end, his lobbying efforts were effective! So you’re fine to go if you happen to be shopping for a property in Colorado AND you own a Gulfstream G650, an F-18, or even a Mig-28!