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Toddler, 3, dies in hot car outside Florida educational center while father works inside

A 3-year-old Florida boy died after being left in a car outside an educational center in Miami Gardens while his parents worked inside.



Authorities in Florida say a 3-year-old boy died after being left in a car outside a Miami Gardens preschool while his father worked inside.

According to ABC News, the boy’s death was the 11th in Miami this year due to a hot car accident. Monday was the hottest day of the week in Miami, with a high temperature of 93 degrees.

As reported by WPLG-TV, a young boy named Sholom Tauber was discovered unresponsive in his parents’ car at 3:45 p.m. outside the Lubavitch Educational Center, a Jewish school where both his parents were employed.

On Tuesday, as they dropped off their child at school, a parent told WPLG that it was sad for everyone.


Despite the efforts of paramedics to save the child, he later died in the hospital. WPLG reported that the cause of death was determined to be accidental hyperthermia.

WESH-TV reports that since 1992, the Kids and Car Safety group has kept track of the number of hot car deaths in Florida.

The Miami Herald reports that authorities say the child was trapped for up to six hours while the heat index climbed to 103 degrees outside the car. According to the Herald, the conditions on the inside would have been far more dangerous than those outside.

Father accidentally left him behind when he and his other children entered the school, according to a report in The Herald.


After realizing that his son hadn’t been seen all day, the father rushed outside, but to no avail. There will be a psychologist and grief counselor on hand at the school to help students cope with the loss of a loved one.

In a statement issued late Monday night, the Lubavich Education Center described the incident as a “tragedy” and revealed that the 3-year-old victim was the child of two Lubavich Education Center employees.