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Todd Phillips (The Hangover/Joker/Old School Producer) Lists Beverly Hills Mansion For $34.5 Million

For $34.5 million, Todd Phillips recently put his Beverly Hills home on the market. That’s exactly DOUBLE what he paid for the house in 2012.



    The only credit not included in the above period was 2006’s “School for Scoundrels,” which I did not see and don’t think was a winner. Todd was faultless except from it.

    Fans of CelebrityNetWorth may recall that Todd Phillips holds a special place in our hearts thanks to a risky and incredibly lucrative deal he negotiated for first “Hangover” movie. We must go back to 2007 to a movie named… in order to comprehend this transaction.

    “What Happens in Vegas”

    Back in 2007, a raunchy script about a bachelor party called “What Happens in Vegas” was making the rounds in Hollywood. Several studios passed on the script outright because they were worried that the title alone would be impossible to license. Additionally, 20th Century Fox was pre-producing another film with the same working title, a romantic comedy. In 2008, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher released their parody of “What Happens in Vegas.” I don’t advise it.

    Despite all odds, the writers of that raunchy script managed to get Todd Phillips to read their script. As you can see from the timeline above, Todd Phillips was coming off a run of guy-friendly comedy. Warner Brothers already had a deal with Phillips, who persuaded the studio to approve “The Hangover” after changing the title. Additionally, Warner Bros approved a $35 million budget.

    When Todd Phillips realized that Warner Bros was ready to cancel the project, he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

    In June 2009, “The Hangover” made its debut and became a great hit. At the box office, the film eventually made more than $500 million worldwide. When all was said and done, Todd’s hazardous salary-for-profits exchange had netted him…

    $80 million

    He negotiated a similar deal with the two sequels, and ended up earning at least $150 million total from the trilogy. With all license agreements, DVD sales, etc., it might be closer to $200 million.

    [Ten years later, he pulled off a similar heist with “Joker,” and that movie and its potential follow-up will probably bring in $100 million.]

    That is how Todd Phillips came to have a $200 million net worth today.

    So what does a man do after trading $6.5 million inadvertently for $150+ million? He goes on a real estate splurge, of course!

    Real Estate Splurges

    (Coldwell Banker/The Beverly Hills Estates/The MLS)

    The Beverly Hills Estates, Coldwell Banker, and the MLS

    The seven-bedroom mansion, built in 1929 by renowned architect Wallace Neff, is situated on two parcels that total slightly under an acre.

    Todd finished a significant remodeling in 2020, paying specific attention to the kitchen, which is currently pretty amazing:

    (Coldwell Banker/The Beverly Hills Estates/The MLS)

    1) Main residence

    2) A gym with a greenhouse solarium.

    3) A garage or office

    4) A Dolby-certified soundproof home theater is located above two guest apartments in the fourth building.

    (Coldwell Banker/The Beverly Hills Estates/The MLS)

    $34.5 million

    I’m not sure where Todd will land next, but I guess it’s going to be wonderful with another sizable “Joker” payment coming up!