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Tips for using CBD and hemp

Dear Cathy, Thanks for the effort you put into your columns on pet welfare. I couldn’t help wondering why you haven’t mentioned hemp and green-lipped mussel chews for elderly dogs. They absolutely re



Dear Cathy:

Thank you for the time and work you put into writing your columns on animal welfare. You left out hemp and green-lipped mussel snacks for senior dogs, which piqued my curiosity. They are an absolute lifesaver for our aging pets. Veterinarians and online retailers sell them.

I absolutely like Hemp Mobility for Seniors (a soft chew). Additionally, we offer our pups a hemp chew for dogs that contains extra ingredients. They don’t have any reason to be apprehensive about this situation. Keep up the excellent work.

— Ann, Spring Branch, Texas


Your pet’s pain and stiffness can be alleviated by providing them with comfortable beds, bowls and new activities.

Dear Ann, thank you for your kind words.

The truth is, I haven’t tried CBD oil or hemp products on my pets yet. It is thanks to you that I’ve decided to give them a go.

Under addition to mobility and anxiety difficulties, I have a senior dog in my care. Glucosamine chewables and L-theanine supplements have been advised by my veterinarian in the past to treat anxiety and joint pain. When I did a brief internet search for hemp-based relaxing chews, I came across a product that contained hemp, L-theanine and thiamine. Given in sufficient amounts, the amino acid L-theanine appears to be a relaxing agent for dogs. Since it can benefit humans, drugstores also sell L-theanine in the vitamin area.


After giving it to Buster for 30 days, I’ll report back on how I like this hemp-based product. This product may not work for every dog, so if I don’t see the results that I want, I’ll order the product you advised and report back.

Dentistry is an essential element of a pet’s health and well-being.

In her role as an integrative practitioner, she believes it’s vitally important to clear up some of the misinformation surrounding the CBD issue because she has found this herbal therapy to be extremely effective for a wide range of medical and behavioral concerns in veterinary medicine,” she added.

CBD oil can also help dogs with epilepsy and pain management, according to Becker. She claims that cannabidiol (CBD) products with no THC are preferred by pet owners because cannabis is hazardous to dogs and cats. Take your pet to the vet immediately if it ingests cannabis or edibles.


Prior considering purchasing any of these products, thoroughly investigate them and with your veterinarian to see whether they are appropriate for your dog. Anyone who has tried CBD or hemp-calming chews for their dog (or cat) or cat (or both) should let me know how they liked them or didn’t like them. You should only use products that are specifically designed for cats if you have one in your home.

Ann, thank you for your letter.