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There’s an investigation in the last stages about the Phoenix Suns owner, says NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Adam Silver is the NBA Commissioner and addressed the status of the Robert Sarver probe that began a year ago.



In a press conference held on Tuesday following a meeting with the NBA Board of Governors in Las Vegas, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated that the investigation into Phoenix Suns franchise owner Robert Sarver is almost finished.

Silver added, “I’m not ready to talk about what the result might be, other than to say that we are sort of at the last step of the investigation.”

Following claims of racism and misogyny against Sarver in an ESPN report that claimed he fostered a “toxic” work climate within the Suns’ organization, Sarver has been the subject of an investigation since November 2021.

On Tuesday, Silver was questioned about the duration of the probe.


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I can only say that the ESPN piece spanned a nearly 18-year span in terms of his ownership, Silver added. “During that time, hundreds of present and past employees were involved. Additionally, make sure that everyone’s request for secrecy is honored, and guarantee Mr. Sarver receives due process.

Sarver openly praised an inquiry being carried out by the New York-based law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

So, I can see how outsiders could be irritated and wonder why these things take so long, Silver said. The most crucial thing is to get it right and take the necessary amount of time to do it, but having been engaged with numerous of these significant investigations during my time at the league, I know this from experience.


For the meeting with the rest of the Board of Governors, Sarver was in Las Vegas.

They’re all here, said Silver. “In town, the Competition Committee met. We’re meeting with the captains of our teams (Wednesday). Our NBA representatives are practicing here. The instructors are in training here. Almost all of the league’s component groups take use of this chance in Las Vegas to interact and exchange ideas.”

In the space provided. — Phoenix Suns on July 7, 2022 (@Suns)

Devin Booker recently inked a supermax agreement with the Suns for four years and $224 million while Sarver was present.


Sunday marks the end of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

“The development of this is truly amazing. According to what I’ve been told, we will bring in about $125 million in economic revenue to Las Vegas, fill 70,000 hotel rooms during our stay, and sell about 135,000 tickets “said Silver.

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The Arizona Republic is where this article first appeared: According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver’s probe is “kind of in the last step.”