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The voice actor from ‘The Simpsons’ marries Dan Grice

Actor Yeardley Smith married her long-term partner Dan Grice in the summer of 2016.



Eight years after their chance encounter, Yeardley Smith, a voice actress for The Simpsons, wed longterm partner Dan Grice in mid-June.

In 2014, while attending a mural unveiling in Springfield, Oregon for the show’s 25th anniversary, the 58-year-old actress who has been Lisa Simpson’s voice since The Simpsons originally debuted on television in 1989, first met her husband.

Smith explained to The Hollywood Reporter that their affair unexpectedly began when Grice, a detective with the Springfield Police Department, agreed to act as her bodyguard while she was in town.

Al Jean, the creator of The Simpsons, had been scheduled to travel to Oregon, but he was ultimately prevented from doing so by preparations for The Simpsons’ three nights at the Hollywood Bowl.


Smith first responded negatively when asked to replace Jean on the show, which contrasted greatly with her customary demeanor.

Smith continued, “The joke is that I genuinely will do anything for my show, but I really didn’t want to do it.”

She claimed that when the show returned and inquired once more regarding protection for the occasion, Smith—who had previously dealt with stalkers—was prompted to respond.

Because I imagined myself on an apple box with the first person in the front row literally at arm’s length, I inquired about security out of curiosity. It was exactly that, Smith remarked.


When I finally decided to go, they subsequently returned and announced that a plain-clothes detective from the Springfield Police Department would be assigned. Dan was that, she continued.

The Springfield Police Department at the time had nine detectives, according to Grice, and his captain had requested a volunteer for a task.

Every time someone asked for volunteers, you simply knew it would probably not be enjoyable, because soon after, no one raised their hand. I turned to face the other investigators in the room, including my brother, Grice continued.

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Since they all have children, I reasoned that these guys should spend some time with their families during the summer. I believed I can do this because I’m not married and have no children,’ he claimed.

Smith’s name was stated by the captain, but he wasn’t familiar with her right away; nevertheless, after seeing a picture, he recognized her from Maximum Overdrive and The Legend of Billie Jean.

She astonished Dan by hopping into the front seat of his unmarked police vehicle after he picked her up at the airport and watched her politely sign autographs for admirers.

I took the front seat since I wanted to talk to him. I’m not sure. Something about Dan’s peaceful assurance struck me. He was quite in charge without being in any way oppressive. He was courteous without being overbearing. I really appreciated his sense of self-assurance and he wasn’t very impressed by me, Smith said.


They each considered asking each other out to dinner as he gave her dining suggestions, but neither did—and both wished they had.

He picked her up for the event the following day, which she later remarked was “packed and we had the finest day.” The day was gorgeous and sunny, and the fans were amazing.

After the event, he dropped her off at the airport, and she offered him her number as they revealed over text that they found one other to be extremely “interesting.” However, Smith assumed that would be the end of it because they were 850 miles apart and couldn’t possibly start a relationship.

A few years of long-distance relationship followed until Grice moved to Los Angeles when she eventually invited him to The Hollywood Bowl performances.


Due to COVID, their wedding date was postponed from their original engagement date in 2018 to June 11, 2022, where it was finally exchanged in their Los Angeles home.

Together with Dan’s twin brother Dave, they co-host the true-crime podcast Small Town Dicks.

Even a tweet from The Simpsons showing Lisa Simpson and a picture from their wedding served as a tribute to the union.