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One of the more challenging endgame materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is Afflicted Fang. In addition to taking you far beyond the main story campaign, you must successfully finish one of the game’s toughest encounters in order to get access to even more extraordinarily difficult encounters. You will obtain a few units of Afflicted Fang if you successfully complete these final hunts. If powerful Rarity 10 weapons are on your wish list, get ready for a series of difficult battles because the material is necessary for creating some of the best gear in the game.

To obtain Afflicted Fang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, follow these steps.

The following four creatures can give you Afflicted Fang:

Magnamalo was harmed.


Suffered Barioth

Injured Nargacuga

harmed Garangolm

Once you have access to four-star Anomaly tasks, you will be able to battle this new generation of Afflicted Monsters. You must fight Furious Rajang and achieve MR50 to do this. You can begin farming Afflicted Fang as soon as the furious beast is dead. You’ll want to break as many of these creatures’ pieces as you can when you start a hunt with one of them. You’ll also get two or three of them as Bonus Rewards at the end of the quest, and they all have a 20% chance of granting Afflicted Fang per damaged portion.


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Farming Afflicted Fang the best way

The monster you battle to cultivate Afflicted Fang, like Afflicted Shell, depends on whatever combat you enjoy the best. Magnamalo or Garangolm are the two that we advise, but if you’d rather battle Barioth or Nargacuga, feel free to farm those monsters instead. Because these monsters can one-shot even the best-equipped hunters, multiplayer in these challenging encounters is a fantastic method to lessen their edge. However, unless everyone is acquainted with the fights, expect to lose at least a couple.