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The Pay Per View Numbers Are In: Here’s How Much Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Made From That Ridiculous Fight

If the Floyd Mayweather v. Logan Paul PPV ratings are accurate, the bout was merely passable.



One of the most anticipated sporting events in recent memory took place on June 6 when Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul squared off. I spent days declaring that there was no way I would purchase the Pay Per View despite being a fan of boxing and combat sports in general. On the morning of the fight, I wrote a story for CNW in which I referred to everyone who planned to purchase tickets as a “stone cold sucker” and labeled the hype-fest a “blatant cash grab.”

After that, I purchased the battle a few hours later. Dammit. I fell into the hype.

You’ve probably already heard that the battle was essentially a bust. I regret the purchase a lot and I won’t be buying any more battles in the future. I vowed.

Logan gave the first 20 seconds of the first round his best shot, and from that point on, he appeared to be in the final mile of a triathlon. Floyd carried out his usual actions. He danced and avoided while ducking. He landed precise punches that obviously hurt Logan, but never took a major swing that might lead to a knockout, which is what we all wanted and what would have made the purchase price worth it. All Logan did was hang on till the very end.

$100 Million Prediction

Floyd Mayweather stated he will likely make $100 million in various interviews to promote the fight.

If that had occurred, his third-largest career salary would have been:

    According to a number of reports, Floyd was guaranteed $10 million plus 50% of the Pay Per View profits. Logan Paul received a $250,000 guarantee in addition to a 10% PPV cut.

    (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

    Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images provided the image.

    The Actual Numbers

    A number of outlets revealed this week that the fight generated approximately 1 million Pay Per View buys. Although Showtime has not officially endorsed that figure, UFC President Dana White essentially supported it in a post-UFC 263 interview.

    The fight brought in about $50 million in PPV sales at 1 million buys.

    Floyd would receive $25 million as his half. Floyd probably made roughly $35 million after deducting his $10 million guarantee from his earnings. A fantastic payday, but a long way from $100 million.

    Logan would receive $5 million as his 10% cut. His overall earnings came to $5.25 million. Another fantastic payday but probably not what he had hoped for either. Will Logan, who is now 0-2 in professional boxing, ever be able to draw a PPV crowd again? Next, what? I believe it is over.

    There have recently been rumors that Floyd will fight Jake Paul. if that occurs. I promise. I make a solemn oath that I will not order that fight, with the grace of God. I vowed. TBD.