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The new Big 12 Commissioner says that the Pac-12 is open for business

New Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark has their work cut out for him. He is looking to shepherd his conference into a new era of college football.



Bringing the Big 12 Conference into the modern age will be no easy task for new Commissioner Brett Yormark.

The Big 12 Conference has a better understanding of the “Super Conference” era than most.

After dipping its greedy hands into the Big 12’s dinner plate, the SEC gained two major defectors in Oklahoma and Texas. There’s no way to understate the impact of losing two of college football’s biggest names in 2025 and beyond on the Big 12.

In his first public appearance as Big 12 commissioner, Yormark is being aggressive. This conference is on the verge of becoming obsolete, so it’s not surprising that he’s acting this way.


According to ESPN, Yormark told the media at the Big 12 business meetings that “we’re open for business.”.

Intriguingly, when asked if the Pac-12, which is expecting to lose USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, will try to recruit any of the conference’s schools, he responded in the same way.

“As far as I can tell, I’ve had a lot of phone calls and a lot of interest in my work. We’re looking into those possibilities. Nothing is about to happen, “As Yormark went on,

When it comes to the Big 12 Conference’s future expansion plans in 2023, the Pac-12’s “Power Five” schools should still be considered a viable option.


Is Yormark committed to rebuilding the Big 12 in a way that is both aggressive and smart, regardless of whether or not it happens?

“Every day, we meet with all of our key stakeholders to discuss our progress. We’ll do what makes sense at the right time, or we won’t…. For those of us who aren’t interested in making a deal solely for the sake of making a deal, sometimes the best deals are those that aren’t made at all “he stated. “That’s not how I see things, and obviously we need to do something that isn’t diluted in any way. The key word here is “proactive.” We’re not in a race against time. We’re in the middle of an interesting discussion; we’ll see where it goes from here.”

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