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The Mercedes EQS SUV becomes Mercedes’ first electric vehicle that was produced in the US

The luxury zero-emissions SUV will be exclusively built in Alabama.



The state of Alabama will be the only place where the luxury emission-free SUV is produced.

Now in production is the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, the company’s largest and most luxurious electric SUV to date. The Alabama factory in Tuscaloosa produces the emission-free family hauler for sale around the world. The automaker has begun production of the EQS SUV as part of its plan to assemble eight EVs at seven locations across three continents in 2018. The EQE SUV will also enter manufacturing in 2022.

Mercedes also explains in a new press release that the EQS SUV’s battery systems are manufactured at the company’s new Bibb County battery factory. More than seventy workers participate in the process along a production line that stretches for more than 985 feet (300 meters). For the record, the EQS SUV shares its battery pack with the EQS and EQE electric sedans thanks to its modular architecture.

“We have a highly skilled and motivated team that has absolutely delivered in the successful product launch of the new EQS SUV,” says Michael Goebel, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz US International. Since the very first Mercedes-Benz rolled off the line over 25 years ago, “Our Team Members in Tuscaloosa have shown a lot of flexibility, energy, and commitment in helping us to achieve milestone after milestone.”


Since 1997, the Stuttgart-based company has invested over $7 billion into its large SUV assembly plant in Alabama. Approximately 4,500 people are employed directly by the company at this time, and an additional 11,000 are indirectly supported by the company through local suppliers and service providers. Nearly four million automobiles have been produced at the Tuscaloosa plant since 1997, and another 260,000 are expected to leave the facility in 2021 alone. Approximately two-thirds of annual output is sold abroad.

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In late summer, the EQS SUV will go on sale in the United States. There are no official price estimates yet, but we can assume that it will cost more than the EQS 450 ($103,360) or the 580 ($126,950). It’s in the works to make a Maybach version of it.