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The Fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex Known As Stan Sells For $32 Million, Breaking A Price Record For Dinosaurs

Stan, who is thought to be 67 million years old, is an antique, and when the gavel dropped, it brought in $31.85 million, significantly more than the $6 to $8 million that his value was predicted to be.



We tend to organize dinosaurs in our minds by how big and/or fierce they were, but nowadays there’s another hierarchy of dinosaurs that the famous tyrannosaurus rex is on top of: most expensive. That comes after “Stan,” a fossilized T. rex, became the most expensive animal ever after bringing roughly $32 million at auction.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Platt, Spencer / Getty Images

The majority of the other around 50 T. rex fossils that still exist are on display in museums all across the world, so maybe Stan’s new owner will figure out a way to keep him open to the public in some capacity. The recent CNBC report on Stan’s sale says that’s what happened the last time a complete T. rex fossil was sold at auction: in 1997, when a fossil by the name of “Sue” fetched $8.36 million from Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, with corporations like Disney and McDonald’s helping to foot the bill along with various other contributors.

Stan was given his name after amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison, who found the bones back in 1987. According to experts, Stan weighed as much as eight tons when he was alive, and over the course of his life suffered various injuries including a broken neck and punctures in his ribs and skull.

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