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The Five Worst Minecraft seeds – Challenge run Minecraft seeds

The best seeds if you want the hardest possible challenge, and the worst if you just want to play the game.




If you enjoy a difficult challenge and creating underwater, this is a good environment for you. You begin life in the midst of a sizable ocean, with the only adjacent land being a narrow sandbar. Around the spawn location, a small glacial region and a few teeny-tiny desert islands can be seen. Avoid the Ocean Monument beside the spawn if you can to avoid getting a nasty surprise from the guardians.


You are dropped by this seed in the middle of a vast ocean on a little island surrounded by smaller islets. In the beginning, it is difficult to find diamonds and other important minerals because there aren’t any trees close to the spawn. Before you can find the needs, you will need to swim for a considerable amount of time. Even worse, the paucity of available land will restrict the scale and intricacy of any prospective buildings if you decide to stay at this spawn.


The top Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft


You spawn in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a few islands, like the majority of the other seeds on this list that are ocean-bound. The majority of survival islands are challenging to begin with, but this one is regarded as the most challenging.

The first push for tools is essentially impossible without the help of a bonus chest because there is no wood within 1000 blocks of spawn. Long-term survival is made more difficult by the original island’s flooded cave, which you can only access after finding equipment.



This seed is simply broken, not particularly difficult. You start out in a tiny plains biome with a lot of wood, but the other biomes are either arid deserts or are covered in coarse soil, which limits the amount of farming that can be done there. The areas around the original spawn are broken.

This seed appears to have a special talent for growing naturally vertically. For instance, the globe is difficult to navigate due to the large, randomly created spires and floating islands that divide the biomes. There is a little village about 1000 blocks from spawn, but getting to any of its structures will require a lot of pillaring.



In reality, this seed is only a solitary piece of earth floating in a big, empty sea. It can be a lot of fun to play for gamers that appreciate long-distance travel, while being initially challenging.

On a block of grass in the middle of the sea, you spawn. In the immediate vicinity of spawn, there are just barren islands. Before you can discover the closest livable island, you would have to swim for several hundred blocks.

There are some oceanic ruins and an island covered in flowers within 1000 blocks of the spawn. A nether portal exists underwater as well. Underwater, there is a wealth of exploration and loot, but the worry of drowning is always present.