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The Best Things To Eat And Drink On Disney’s Wish Cruise

They’ve got cocktails and cake aplenty.



As the “happiest place on earth,” Walt Disney World (or Land, depending on your preference) and its newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish, may be the “happiest place at sea.”

The ship is decked out in Cinderella-themed decor, and the adults-only infinity pool is the perfect place to while away the day. Then again, if the truth be known, we’re all here for the food! (and booze). So much so, in fact, that we created an entire magazine devoted solely to the topic of mice’s ears, it’s no secret that we adore them. With a wide range of food and drink options like the Star Wars-themed Hyperspace Lounge’s $5,000 cocktail (yes, you read that correctly), familiar dishes from Disney parks and high-end Wagyu beef snacks on board the Disney Wish, there’s something for everyone.

During my recent cruise, I had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of cuisines. In order to help you get the most out of your vacation on the Disney Wish, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite dishes, desserts, and cocktails.

The Chancellor’s Drink


This cocktail, served in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge (which becomes an adults-only hot spot after 9 p.m.), will take you to the dark side if you prefer a spirit-forward cocktail. A bubble gun adds a smoky flavor to the cognac and Calvados cocktail, which is served with a side of theater.

Gelato with Candy Explosions for dessert.

Over 14 gelato flavors are available at Joyful Sweets, an Inside Out-themed treat shop (and candy, macarons, and cupcakes galore). We’re sure even Sadness would feel better after devouring this sugary treat.

Bartender’s Favorite Mother’s Day Cocktail


Nightengale, the Wish’s piano bar, offers a Beauty and the Beast serenade alongside bubble-themed cocktails, and life is da bubbles. Bourbon, ginger, and vermouth are all involved in the creation of this spectacular drink.

Baked Scallops by Elsa

Arendelle (the name of the Frozen-themed restaurant) is hosting an interactive dining experience for the engagement of Princess Anna and Kristoff (and, of course, Olaf!) to celebrate. Puff pastry appetizer filled with shrimp-tarragon bisque, rainbow carrots and leeks is another star of the Frozen singalong.

A chocolate bar made by the Troll Family


Pistachio cookies, gold flakes, and hibiscus meringue adorn this decadent chocolate cake, which is a must-have for any Anna celebration.

Slipper with Crystals

Isn’t this vessel adorable? Rose water and champagne are included in the cocktail. You’ll believe you’re Cinderella if you down too many of these.

Bao Buns, Steamed


Pork belly, pickled daikon, mirin-soy-honey glaze, and ginger orange are just some of the ingredients in this appetizer at the Marvel-themed Avengers Technology Showcase dinner.

Indulge in a decadent Pym Doughnut Sundae after a Marvel-themed outing with a pecan brownie, caramel fudge sauce, and a doughnut topper in this decadent dessert.

Bartender’s Choice Cocktail

Another smoky cocktail awaits you on Deck 3 of the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, this time in a galaxy far, far away. There is a sparkling cube at the beginning, followed by a spectacular display.


Old Fashioned Smokey

This Old Fashioned is served in a speakeasy inside Hook’s Barbery, where you can get grooming services with a side of whiskey.

Dry-Rubbed Roasted Pork Tenderloin from King Agnarr’s

The perfectly whipped potatoes that accompanied this filling meat dish in Arendelle were something I could have eaten in bulk.


It’s a Rose

The Rose, a bar that pays homage to Beauty and the Beast, has a $50 version of the Kaibur Crystal if that’s a little too pricey for you. Grand Mariner Cuvee Louis Alexandre, Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose, and Komos Reposado Rosa are among the upscale French ingredients, and the drink is served in a dome with a gilded perfume spritzer and, yes, smoke. Other notable ingredients include Komos Reposado Rosa. It’s a little too easy to down.

Temple Twist Mock Cocktail

If you’re a fan of all things Baby Yoda, you’ll love the adorable garnish on this ginger beer, apple, mint, and pineapple cocktail with zero proof alcohol.


But the 24-hour room service on the Disney Wish may be the best thing to eat. When Mickey and French fries were served at 3 am, the experience was even better.