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Tesla Workers ask Elon Musk Twitter Drama Ignore

Tesla Workers ask Elon Musk Twitter Drama Ignore: Yesterday, during a large-scale gathering, representatives from Tesla asked Elon Musk how…



Tesla Workers ask Elon Musk Twitter Drama Ignore: Yesterday, during a large-scale gathering, representatives from Tesla asked Elon Musk how… Tesla Workers ask Elon Musk Twitter Drama Ignore: Elon Musk was asked by Tesla representatives yesterday during a large gathering how he plans to manage the Twitter show surrounding his attempt to get the web-based entertainment platform. According to the chief executive officer, it can be “disregarded.”

Tesla Workers ask Elon Musk Twitter Drama Ignore

Elon Musk’s effort to acquire Twitter and turn it into a private company doesn’t have much to do with Tesla from the beginning, but it has been influencing the company in some way or another.

The most important thing to note is that Musk sold billions of dollars’ worth of Tesla offers to fund the securing, which has had a negative impact on the stock. Therefore, this has an impact on the confidence of Tesla workers because it has an impact on investment opportunities, which can be a significant portion of their pay.

On another level, there have been a great deal of conversations surrounding the procurement, which are having an effect on the employees of Tesla on a political level. Musk has made it clear that he intends to transform Twitter into something more akin to a genuine platform for open and honest discourse.


This shouldn’t be political by itself, but the right believes that Twitter has a liberal bias, which is what drove the platform to boycott or stifle the voices of a few prominent moderate figures. This is despite the fact that certain studies have debunked the hypothesis that Twitter has a liberal bias. Musk has stated that he would be willing to allow back some of those moderate figures in the event that the securing process is successful. This statement is consistent with the prior hypothesis.

This stance has garnered a lot of attention, particularly on the political left, and it is having an impact on Tesla employees as well. Yesterday, during a meeting that was mandatory for everyone at Tesla, one of those employees asked Musk “what the Twitter show means for individuals at Tesla and how… might you protect them from it?”

After giving everything a cursory examination, the CEO advised everyone to disregard Twitter:

When everything is taken into account, as you well know. Overlook Twitter. Overlook. Overlook.


After that, Musk presented his case for purchasing the virtual entertainment organization and attempting to turn it into a stage for free discourse. Surprisingly, he mentioned at some point during the presentation that he is aiming to be the first American to appear on the stage:

As a result of Twitter, the question is how we can ensure that there is a computerized town square that is comprehensive and as trustworthy as could be expected, and where, in an ideal world, I have no clue how many people in the United States are using it, but at least 80 percent of them are using it. They are able to communicate their genuine thoughts when given the opportunity to do so.

That would be a significant increase from the approximately 25 percent of adult population in the United States who are said to use the platform on a regular basis.

Musk’s securing still can’t seem to go to an investor’s vote, and the CEO of Tesla has taken steps to kill the arrangement in the event that he isn’t given information that shows what percentage of Twitter’s customer base is comprised of bots. This information is required in order for Musk’s securing to go through.


Today, the company finally gave their blessing for Musk to receive the information he requested. It is currently a game of cat and mouse to determine how Elon Musk will process the information and whether or not the acquisition will go through.