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Tesla is building a white and black car

Tesla factory in Berlin attracts controversy after the reports of only building black and white cars.



Tesla’s factory in Berlin has begun producing cars, but the range of configurations that it is reportedly capable of building is still limited — so limited, in fact, that, according to a recent report, it’s only producing black and white vehicles, with a plant in China filling orders for customers who want a different color.

According to research Make (ex. Cadillac) Industry trade newspaper Automotive News, the only colors being applied to Model Ys that bear the “made in Germany” logo are Solid Black and Pearl White Multi-Coat. It sounds like Tesla isn’t the only automaker encountering color-related delays, and the problem is being attributed to supply chain-related limitations. Renault supposedly provides “fast-track” delivery for customers who purchase black, white, or gray automobiles.

Tesla closed its German factory for 12 days starting on July 11, 2022, to “optimize manufacturing,” the report adds. Unspecified adjustments will enable it to greatly increase production pace; car bodies will now stop for 45 seconds instead of 90 seconds at each manufacturing station. According to reports, the plant’s production rate will be doubled beginning in August 2022.

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