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Tao build guide for Gunfire Reborn

The more you shoot, the more untouchable you become.



In Gunfire Reborn, Tao is a hybrid hero who, when properly equipped, is among the game’s most powerful characters. A tremendous amount of damage is waiting, regardless of the skill specialization players choose to pursue with ascendancies.

Tao’s two abilities, Swords Out and AoE Damage, are what matter most because they dictate whether players are concentrating on single-target DPS or AoE Damage (Fatal Bloom). Others favor a single tree and look for weapons to emphasize that build, while some choose ascendancies based on the weapons that drop. There is no right or wrong technique; only several damage specializations. Players that appreciate utilizing Tao should invest as soon as possible in her skills, as her level 5 talent grants her a shield that starts recharging as soon as any enemy is killed.

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Early Tao and gaming


Tao is only being kept alive by a single ascendancy, not many skills. While summoning flying swords from Sword Guard can refresh Tao’s shield, this is not sufficient to keep Tao alive in late-game challenges. Tao’s biggest chances of surviving are Occult Scrolls and Peculiar Chests, but players will still have plenty on their plates besides waiting for Sword Guard to proc. Sword Defense is a damage reduction upgrade, but it is only active when utilizing Swords Out, which, when completely buffed, only lasts a short duration.

Tao must devote all of his attention in the early game to locating the weapon with the highest rate of fire and the biggest magazine. Tao may conjure flying swords to cause significant damage to adversaries the faster her Blade Heart can stack the more ammunition she can expend. The finest weapons for her in Gunfire Reborn are the Big Hippo and Fire Dragon.

Late game with Tao, mid to late

Finding a high-capacity firearm is the easy part; now you just need to use the right strategies. When enhanced by the Blade Rain tree, Swords Out can defeat the majority of bosses on any difficulty lower than Reincarnation 2 in under ten seconds. Tao can defeat the majority of enemy groups before other heroes become useful in the battle by using Fatal Bloom in addition to increasing the damage that Blade Rain deals.


Tao’s trees clearly assist her other abilities, therefore choosing hybrid trees will guarantee that she is as powerful as possible in any given circumstance. While concentrating solely on one tree may be the norm for some characters, such as Lei Luo, Tao frequently leaves damage on the table. We’ll examine each optimal ascension tree for this hero in terms of ascendancy desirability.

Tree Blade Rain

The Swords Out skill, which is charged by using ammunition, is the main focus of Blade Rain. Focus this tree with the following ascendancies, listed from most to least desirable if Tao has a quick-firing weapon:

Angry Wave


Sword Shadow and/or Luminous Heart

mighty swordplay

Enhanced Sword

Tree with fatal bloom


Fatal Bloom, Tao’s AoE talent, rivals the Qing Yan build’s use of the Leap and Cleave synergy by having excellent Swords Out synergy. Tao should start a fight with a Fatal Bloom and then use Swords Out to close it in the midgame. The most ideal to least ideal Fatal Bloom ascendancies are:

No Escape Blade of Bloom Flower Chain

John Chaser

Standard Weapons tree


Tao has a plenty of options; don’t overlook the tree that improves your use of weapons, since some of the talents are insanely potent. The most desirable Mainstay Weapon ascendancies, in order of preference: