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Take A Tour Of Dr. Oz’s $18 Million Oceanfront Florida Mansion

The mansion known as Louwana is a pretty impressive piece of architecture, and it also has a pretty interesting history, which is about what you would expect from a house that is described as being in “museum condition.”



A medical TV personality known as Dr. Oz made headlines in the summer of 2018 for his purchase of a sizable mansion in the city of Palm Beach, located in the state of Florida. Luxury real estate enthusiasts are still interested in the home even though it was purchased for $18 million by the seller. Since its construction in 1919, the Oz mansion has been known by its current name, Louwana, and has been designated as a registered landmark. This dates back more than a century.

According to a report from the Palm Beach Daily News from the time, the mansion with 11 bedrooms and 12,483 square feet of space is situated a little more than a half mile from the Palm Beach Country Club in the area. In the official marketing materials that were distributed by Sotheby’s International Realty, the following is how the mansion was described:

“Quite possibly the most romantic period oceanfront mansion available in Palm Beach today, held by the same family since it’s design by Addison Mizner in 1919. One of the remaining Great Houses in Palm Beach, this property is a local legend that is significant both architecturally and historically. This magnificently picturesque villa has ten bedrooms, and it sprawls across 1.5 acres and features 150 feet of idyllic direct beachfront. Exceptionally well cared for and displayed in museum condition. Pool, tennis court, and beach cabana. An extremely valuable and uncommon item to be offered.”

There are two additional homes on the island that belong to Oz’s family and are owned by his parents, Dr. Gerald and Emily Jane Lemole. These homes are located in different parts of the island.


The mansion known as Louwana has a rich and eventful past, which is exactly what one would anticipate from a home described as being in “museum condition.” Before Oz bought it, it had been in the same family for almost a century, as it had been commissioned by the Munn-Wanamaker family, who hired the renowned architect Addison Mizner to build their family estate. Before Oz bought it, it had been in the Munn-Wanamaker family. It is said that Louwana is one of “only a handful” of Mizner’s designs that is still standing in that region, despite the fact that he went on to do a significant amount of work in the region.

In any case, the video that can be found below, which was uploaded to YouTube by the channel known as Aerial Look, provides a tour of the mansion that Dr. Oz and his family currently reside in:

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