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Taco Bell sued after a Dallas store manager allegedly attacked 2 customers with scalding water

Two Taco Bell customers say they sustained serious burns when a manager at a Dallas store poured scalding water on them as they complained about an incomplete



When two customers at a Dallas Taco Bell complained about an incomplete order, a manager allegedly poured boiling water on them, causing severe burns, according to a lawsuit.

Publicized on Tuesday by civil rights attorney Ben Crump, the lawsuit against the restaurant chain alleges that Brittany Davis and a minor identified only as C.T. suffered permanent skin damage and a lifelong change in appearance as a result of the incident.

The lawsuit, filed on July 13 in a Dallas County district court, claims that Taco Bell and its employees were negligent in their hiring practices and, as a result, the alleged attack was precipitated.

Taco Bell issued a statement saying the company has been in contact with the franchise owner and operator mentioned in the lawsuit and that it takes the safety of its employees and customers very seriously. Due to pending litigation, the company declined further comment.


Neither Yum! Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, nor North Texas Bells, a regional franchisee entity named in the suit, responded to requests for comment.

A Jane Doe and a John Doe, two employees the plaintiffs have been unable to identify, are also named in the suit. The workers’ requests for comment were met with silence from Taco Bell and North Texas Bells.

Lawyer Paul Grinke has identified the victims as Davis and her niece, and the Dallas Police Department has stated that it is investigating the incident.

According to the department, a worker at Taco Bell also reported being assaulted. “It is hard to imagine a scenario where it would be okay to pour scalding water all over a female minor,” Grinke said in denial of the accusation.


According to the lawsuit, on June 17 the couple went to a Dallas Taco Bell and tried unsuccessfully to get their order fixed by going through the drive-thru multiple times.

According to the lawsuit, after being turned away, the couple parked nearby and walked into the restaurant, only to find that it was closed. It also mentioned that an employee had unlocked the door, let them in, and then locked it again.

A manager they hadn’t spoken to allegedly poured a bucket of hot water on the two, dousing C.T.’s face and getting water on the chests of both plaintiffs, after they asked for their order to be corrected and the workers refused.

According to the lawsuit, the two tried to escape but were prevented from doing so by a locked door. The manager had returned with another bucket of hot water by that point, but the filing claims that they were able to get away before another attack.


Workers at the establishment allegedly followed the injured couple outside, where they mocked and clapped at them before they got into their car and drove away.

Davis and C.T. were rushed to the hospital by family members; the suit claims that while being treated, some of Davis’ skin came off with her clothes, leaving her with deep burns to her chest and stomach. They were both taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital for further care.

According to the lawsuit, Davis’s brain function was damaged, leading to at least ten seizures before she arrived at Parkland.

The lawsuit claims that C.T.’s mother removed mirrors from the house because her daughter couldn’t “bear to see her own face” after suffering burns to her face, chest, legs, arms, and stomach.


The discoloration and scarring from the burns on her face will have a “permanent impact” on her self-image, the lawsuit claims.

Over a million dollars are being sought in the claim for damages and expenses.

The lawsuit claimed that the incident could have been avoided if Taco Bell had prioritized human decency and customer service over the few dollars it would have cost to get Plaintiffs’ order right.

Crump and Grinke have stated that they think businesses should only hire people who will keep the workplace safe.


The lawyers said in a statement that Brittany and C.T. “not only suffered physical trauma because of the burns, but they will now live with the psychological trauma that comes with an attack like this.”