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Subway’s Major Sandwich Giveaway was a disappointment noticed by many

Our customers weren’t happy with the latest Subway giveaway, which left many people without anything.



According to first-hand testimonies that surfaced on social media, Subway’s well publicized 1 million sandwich giveaway, which took place across the nation yesterday, left throngs of customers unhappy.

Around this time last year, Subway gave away a similar amount of free food, and while that promotion supposedly didn’t go as planned due to low demand, the business experienced the opposite issue this year.

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The largest sandwich company in America has been working for a year on the most extensive menu update in its history. Dubbed the “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign, the project involves a thorough review of the whole menu. Taking it as a starting point, the most recent Subway Series release presented a brand-new assortment of sandwiches and a totally different ordering system—by the number and without customization.


The restaurant business declared a one million free sub giveaway would occur “around the nation” on July 12 in order to advertise these new pre-made sandwiches that don’t involve any decision-making.

But if you thought that was nearly too wonderful to be true, you’re right. There were a few restrictions to the offer, some of which were fully predictable but inconvenient and others of which were absolutely unexpected and annoying, as customers discovered when they attempted to claim one of the free sandwiches from the new Subway Series menu.

The fact that the promotion was announced to customers across the U.S. but they were unable to take advantage of the free sandwich was disappointing.

At Subway’s restaurants, a number of mistakes combined to produce a bottleneck of patrons, and many of them ultimately left empty-handed.


One was that the giveaway’s window of opportunity was only partially open. Between 10 a.m. and noon, which is also an odd hour for lunch, sandwiches were offered for free.

In any case, a lot of customers just weren’t aware of the limitations or that only the first 50 visitors per location will receive a free sub.

In addition, several franchises didn’t even take part in the campaign, which forced many locations to turn away consumers.

It’s not unusual for franchisees to decline Subway’s promotional incentives because the operators frequently end up making bad financial judgments as a result.


The chain claims that the offer this year was a “great success,” and even though participation was optional, thousands of restaurants participated.

The chain added that, in order to guarantee that every visitor received a sandwich, some locations had to double their initial distribution of sandwiches and that, “early data indicate (they) greatly outperformed last year’s offer.”