Steph Curry And Chris Paul’s New Contracts Will Propel Them To An Extremely Elite Earnings Club With LeBron James

Curry has already signed two contracts at more over $200 million. At the conclusion of the following year, his existing contract, worth $201 million over five years, expires. Curry will earn $59.6 million in the final season of his current contract, which is the 2025–26 campaign.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Getty Images/Jonathan Ferrey

James’ career earnings from NBA salaries total more than $349.3 million. His contract has about $85.5 left on it. Furthermore, he’s still competing at a high level, making it possible for him to earn up to $500 million on the court.

Just a little over $300 million has been earned by Paul, who joined the league two years after James. His newest contract with the Suns will top him off at $420 million by the time it’s through.

Curry currently has roughly $212 million in total earnings, much lagging James, Paul, and several other superstars. The reason for this discrepancy is that Curry entered the NBA in 2009, four years after Paul and six after James. Curry, however, will undoubtedly surpass the $400 million mark by the end of his new contract.

Who Is The NBA’s Highest Single-Season Earner?

Even though these huge contracts for superstars are immensely profitable, the highest single-season compensation that has been adjusted for inflation as of yet still belongs to a deal from the 1997–98 season. The Chicago Bulls paid Michael Jordan $33.14 million at that time to sign his final contract with the city. When adjusted for inflation, Michael earned $55.8 million throughout that season.

By the end of his new contract, Curry will have earned more money in today’s dollars. And along the way, he’ll reach a financial pinnacle that only an elite few will manage.

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