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Step Inside The $170 Million New York City Penthouse That Just Hit The Market And Might Have The Best Bathtub View Ever

A Saudi millionaire just listed his New York penthouse at 432 Park Avenue for sale. The price on offer is $169 million. And a video tour is now available.



$169 million

According to property records, Fawaz obtained a $56 million mortgage to purchase the property. Assuming an interest rat of 4.5% (which was the going rate at the time), one could presume that Fawaz is paying around $300,000 per month just on his mortgage. These expenditures do not include HOA dues, property taxes, or insurance. In relation to that…

The MLS listing for the property states:

    Just so you know, assuming a new owner puts down 30% on $169 million, their monthly all-in payments will be…


    What do you receive for a down payment of $50 million and yearly carrying charges of $9 million? The most amazing penthouse in all of New York City, maybe not the entire planet. The nicest master bathroom and bathtub ever, without a doubt.

    With 8,255 square-feet of living space spread across the entire 96th floor of the building, the unit has 360-degree views of Manhattan. The apartment boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a library, and a 93-foot-long living/dining room in addition to its other features.

    24 windows on the unit’s façade, each measuring precisely 10 feet by 10 feet, provide 240 linear feet of views.

    Here is a video tour. Make sure you check out the bathtub/master bathroom at 4:34:

    How Did Fawaz Al Hokair Become A Billionaire?

    The Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Group currently owns 19 retail centers in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps more importantly, the company owns the exclusive right to operate franchises for the following brands in Saudi Arabia:

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