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Steelers will reportedly rename Heinz Field, and fans already hate the new name

Steelers will reportedly rename Heinz Field, and fans already hate the new name



Heinz Field’s ketchup bottles will shortly be placed in the recycle bin.

After failing to secure a new agreement with Heinz, the sauce and condiment company best known for its distinctive ketchup and the iconic bottles it comes in, the Pittsburgh Steelers are apparently renaming their stadium. The team already has a new naming rights agreement in place, according to Andrew Fillipponi of Pittsburgh radio station 97.3 The Fan. And it’s with a business that doesn’t make ketchup and couldn’t be more dissimilar from Heinz.

According to reports, the new name will be Acrisure Stadium. In the upcoming days, an official announcement is anticipated.

Acrisure is a Michigan-based insurance provider, which is a dramatic contrast to Heinz, a well-known firm that was founded just five miles away and now has its corporate offices in Pittsburgh. Before the stadium’s 2001 opening, Heinz and the Steelers agreed to a naming rights agreement. In honor of Heniz’s previous newspaper advertisements that boasted about their “57 types” of items, the deal had a value of $57 million.


Does Acrisure have anything to do with the Steelers?

There might not be a direct link between Acrisure and Pittsburgh, but there might be a less direct one. Local Pittsburgh columnist Alan Saunders noted that Pittsburgh-based holding company Tulco, which specializes in technology, sold its artificial intelligence division to Acrisure in 2020. Thomas Tull, a partial owner of the Steelers since 2009, created Tulco in 2017.

Why does that matter? Since naming rights are offered to the highest bidder, probably not much. But it does add some more nuance to the entire story because an insurance provider with headquarters in Michigan seems like an odd choice for naming rights. Due to Tull’s connections, Acrisure was certainly a known entity to the team, which could have assisted them in getting their foot (and their cash) in the door.

The new name has already offended fans


Although the Steelers haven’t formally declared that Heinz Field will now be known as Acrisure Stadium, this hasn’t stopped fans from expressing how much they abhor the change.

Only in Pittsburgh can unveiling the stadium’s naming rights instantly turn into a disastrous PR scenario for your business. #Acrisure (@dveBillCrawford) Bill Crawford July 11, 2022

The Steelers are transitioning from Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium. @LateRoundQB’s JJ Zachariason July 11, 2022

Pittsburgh is Heinz. What is acrispation? I’m angry. (@ adamcrowley) Adam Crowley July 11, 2022


There won’t be a single call if Acrisure Field. What a great deal of money they wasted. (@NFLGimpy) Justin W. July 11, 2022

Before I ever say the word “Acrisure,” I will be six feet under the ground. — Gwigggy (@Gwigggy) July 11, 2022

The name Acrisure Insurance Stadium perfectly encapsulates the Steelers and Pittsburgh’s working class. — B. Miller on July 11, 2022 (@BlaiseInKC)

So we can still use this new name. Make “Art Rooney Field at Acrisure Stadium” its official name, and call it a day. Instead of some company that we have never heard of, it will be synonymous with team ownership. — Don Ched (@DonChed54), Donny Football July 11, 2022


Guaranteed Rate Field is now surpassed by Acrisure Stadium as the worst stadium name in professional sports. (@afc2nfc) Justin July 11, 2022

No one is referring to it as acrisure. Till the Day I Die, It’s Heinz Tweeted Tone Digs (@ToneDigz) July 11, 2022

In honor of its new sponsor, an insurance firm with headquarters in Michigan, Heinz Field will now be known as Acrisure Stadium. Since Bane, this is the worst incident to affect Heinz Field. the user Korked Bats (@korkedbats) July 11, 2022

Acrisure sounds like a treatment for a yeast infection. — #BackBoris supporter @lib crusher Acrisure is pronounced heinz on July 11, 2022. (@thetomzone) Tom July 11, 2022


If they even for a second believe that any of us are using the word “acute” to describe the Steelers’ home stadium… I laughed, @Pickett2Pickenz. Heinz Field vs. Acrisure Stadium, July 11, 2022 — BetMGM on July 11, 2022 (@BetMGM).