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Sports betting in Ohio: When it will be legalized, how to bet online, places to find picks, optimal promos

When is sports betting legal in Ohio? Legalized Ohio online sports betting is expected to be available in January 2023



Although legislation to authorize sports betting in Ohio was signed in 2021, it won’t take effect until January 1, 2023. The Buckeye State will be hopeful its teams are still in the running by the time the NCAA and professional football playoffs begin. But even if that isn’t the case, there are still plenty of other Ohio sports to wager on, like golf, basketball, and hockey. The most recent Ohio sports betting promo code will also be available to Ohio residents, who may be eligible for bet insurance, deposit matches, referral incentives, or profit increases. Sportsbooks frequently provide an Ohio sports betting deposit code to entice both novices eager to place their first bets and seasoned gamblers who need a little extra encouragement to place a stake.

SportsLine is here to assist you better understand sports betting because it can be intimidating for beginner sports gamblers. From our pals at SportsLine, here are a few terminologies used in sports betting and what they signify.

How to wager on sports in Ohio after it becomes legal

You may wager on sports in a variety of ways, both online and in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, and there are a ton of different bet kinds you should get to know. Here are some terms you may hear when betting on sports:


Dollar sign: These wagers are arguably the easiest to understand because you are just selecting the winner outright. There are only two possibilities in sports like baseball and basketball where a winner must be determined. There is a third way to place a money-line draw wager, though, in other sports where draws are conceivable, like soccer. For instance, if a draw is priced at +295 in a professional soccer match between Columbus and Cincinnati, betting $100 on the outcome would net you $295 if it happens to be the result.

Over-Under: You wager on whether the final score of a sporting event will be over or under a predetermined bar by using the over-under word. This kind of wager might also be placed on specific athletes based on their performance data. For instance, the Cleveland quarterback might have a game-specific over/under of 2.5 for throwing touchdowns. If you believe he will throw two or less touchdowns, you would simply wager the under; if you believe he will throw at least three touchdowns, you would bet the over.

A push, described simply, is a tie in terms of betting when neither team can cover the spread. For instance, if Cincinnati’s professional football team opened as a three-point favorite over Cleveland and goes on to win, 27-24, it is a push because neither team covered the spread. When this occurs, all spread wagers are refunded.

What Ohio sports betting resources are best?


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