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Sony completes acquisition of Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios

It appears the deal is largely structured around Haven’s “studio in the cloud” approach.



Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios, a former project manager for Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, has officially been acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

A year after the studio’s founding, a contract was announced in March that would make Haven the first developer from Canada to work under the Playstation Studios (PSS) banner.

Before the agreement, Raymond and her group were already hard at work on their initial PlayStation-only IP. It was perhaps because of this and the studio’s stable of seasoned talent—which currently numbers 106 personnel, up from 50 in last October—that Haven was chosen to help PSS grow.

This agreement aids Sony in entering the Canadian video game creation market and gives the firm access to yet another important studio that is actively developing new games and advancing cloud computing, which Raymond argues was the cornerstone of Haven from the beginning.


As Raymond told, “We already announced that we constructed the studio in a cloud and it was our vision when we started during the epidemic.” “We initially had a cloud team of roughly six employees working on new working methods. We recently hired another 21 engineers to concentrate on long-term cloud innovation since we firmly believe it will revolutionize the way video games are created.

It’s possible that Raymond brought this over from her time as the former vice president and director of Google’s Stadia Games studio.

When discussing the cloud, Raymond brings up how much data modern games utilize and how with these cutting-edge cloud-integrated technologies, development can continue to advance. This discusses the potential benefits of Haven’s “studio in the cloud” philosophy for its next live-service game.

As Raymond told, “Our initial part of’studio in the cloud’ was basically an emphasis on starting-up and providing tools and the typical things to get people working from home fairly rapidly.” We are currently focusing on the next stage: how can we innovate in terms of certain modules that the live service and engine require, and how can we execute those things in a more scalable way that will actually enable us to have a more rapidly evolving game and more productive people? This is the ideal.


Haven completely supports this course of action, bringing on personnel with experience in live service production, such as former Ubisoft Rainbow Six: Siege lead Jalal El Mansouri. On, you can read more about the studio’s internal operations and how they relate to PlayStation’s current game lineup.