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Someone Filmed A Video Inside A Saudi-Owned LIV Golf Private Jet… And It Defies Imagination

The Saudi Investment Fund is the league’s financial backer. As a result, it has access to an almost limitless supply of money. And this is precisely the kind of luxury that a private plane and an endless supply of cash can purchase.



A few weeks ago, LIV Golf stunned the sports community when it persuaded many top PGA players to join the newly established golf league. How did LIV persuade these almost twenty golfers to quit the PGA? Simple! They received incredibly massive bribes, er, “courtesy fees,” from it.

For joining LIV, Dustin Johnson reportedly received a flat sum payment of $125 million. $100 million went to Brooks Koepka. According to reports, Phil Mickelson won $200 million, which was sufficient to raise his lifetime earnings to $1 billion. Tiger Woods reportedly declined a $1 BILLION offer to sign on with LIV.

Players who left the PGA had to seek large payouts because, by joining LIV, their PGA careers were practically ended for good. To everyone who competed in LIV events, the PGA did actually impose lifelong bans.

How is LIV able to afford such massive paydays?

Its parent firm is a vaguely named company by the name of The Public Investment Fund.


The sovereign wealth fund for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is called the Public Investment Fund. In other words, the private equity/hedge/venture fund, which is under the supervision of the House of Saud Royal Family, is in charge of managing the genuinely endless, never-ending, bottomless stream of money generated by oil revenue.

The Public Investment Fund manages assets worth approximately $620 billion as of this writing. PIF has been given the go-ahead by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to undertake investments that will aid the nation in developing future non-oil sources of income and tourist attractions. This is why the LIV Golf league has a virtual blank check.

On June 22, LIV began its eight-tournament global campaign. The $255 million total prize pool for the eight competitions. That amounts to $32 million on average per event. A PGA event often has a prize fund of $7 million, in contrast. Every participant in a LIV event receives a check, which is a big perk for LIV players. Only competitors who make the cut are compensated at PGA events. The top prize payouts for the major victors at LIV events are much more than those of an equivalent PGA event.

There are further advantages. advantages you’d never even consider. for instance Transportation.


For travel to and from tournaments, PGA players are responsible for purchasing their own airfare, rental cars, and lodging. Not just for themselves, either. For their caddies’ spouses, girlfriends, and family members.

On the other hand, LIV is content to pay for these expenses. Additionally, the players (as well as their friends, caddies, and girlfriends) are not flown about in a basic Gulfstream because this league is controlled by the Saudi Investment Fund. They are traveling in a breathtakingly opulent royal Saudi private plane. When imagining a private jet owned by a $620 billion Saudi Royal Family investment fund, attempt to picture this kind of aircraft. It still beggars belief, though, even in that case. We are aware of this because earlier today someone uploaded a video shot from inside the aircraft to social media:

The @LIVGolfInv private jet party (: @michaelfarleyza) image is available at this link: ZxhG19jXJo.

— Caddie Network on July 7, 2022 (@CaddieNetwork).


For those who are having trouble viewing the Twitter embed above, here is a YouTube version:

Golfer Pat Perez of LIV is seen in the video above celebrating his performance at the second LIV competition, which recently took place at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Oregon. Pat Perez is jubilant after he won the competition with $900,000. Out of 48 competitors, where did he place in order to receive $900,000? Second? third or fourth, perhaps? Nope. Try…


A 34th-place finisher at the equivalent PGA tournament would receive less than a tenth of that.


The $125 million man himself, Dustin Johnson, as well as Brooks Koepka and his wife Jena Sims (she’s the lovely woman seated at the table in the white tube top) are also shown in the film.

The above video’s original version was taken down from TikTok for some reason, which is why it was embedded on Twitter. However, the following second video from the aircraft is still available on TikTok:

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