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Shroud perfectly lines up 3 wall bangs to clutch out a round in VALORANT

He’s back in business, baby.



After his latest performance on Icebox, you might no longer doubt Shroud’s skills if you had any in VALORANT.

The recently signed Sentinels player demonstrated once more that he is among the best players who have ever touched Riot Games’ FPS. The 28-year-old pulled off three wall bangs in a row to help his team win a crucial round during one of his Icebox games that were aired live.

On the A-site, Shroud and two of his companions came across a post-plant circumstance. It made reasonable that the Sentinels representative, who was in Heaven, kept an eye out for potential foes who might have entered the screens region. And two of them made an effort, but they were unsuccessful. Shroud initially noticed Sova from a distance before wall-banging him a short while later. The opposing Jett shared his destiny almost quickly.

After taking out the two players described earlier, Shroud went to his right and began aimlessly peering through the wall to the location of the stairs. Fortunately for him, a Chamber who appeared to be on the end of his life was nearby and fell after taking a few more rounds from Vandal of the Shroud.


Even Shroud initially found it difficult to accept the show he had just performed, repeatedly saying “oh my god.” And if anyone should rejoice at the increase in shroud’s form, it should be North American VALORANT supporters, especially those who support Sentinels. In Istanbul’s Last Chance Qualifier for VCT Champions, the Canadian will be supporting them. According to George Geddes of Dot Esports, shroud would join the team if Sentinels make it to the competition in Turkey.

The North American LCQ competition is slated to take place sometime in August.