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See the 1973 BMW 2002 at 20 years old

Even though the BMW 2002 is a perfect car, even the mice living inside found it to be too dirty.



Even the mice that were inside of this BMW 2002 thought it was too filthy.

The iconic BMW 2002 played a key role in the development of the beloved company we know and love today. The 2002 marked the beginning of BMW’s dominance in the compact saloon car segment, despite the fact that many people associate the brand with the classic BMW 3-Series. After spending years sitting and being neglected, the BMW 2002 seen in this video is beyond filthy. Fortunately, one of the top auto detailers in the world, Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC, bought it and is giving it a thorough cleaning before selling it to the next owner.

Although this 1973 BMW 2002 has seen better days, a little attention to detail won’t hurt. In order to begin removing years’ worth of grime and grease, Larry begins by washing down the whole outside of the car. A specialized degreasing foam is applied to the engine bay, and the undercarriage is professionally power cleaned to remove any pockets of accumulated dirt and debris. Kosilla had to put on a mask to protect his face since the undercarriage of the BMW 2002 was so full of concealed filth.

The hardest filth to get off the exterior of the BMW 2002 was the accumulation of grease. Fortunately, Kosilla’s Ammo brand of professional detailing solutions can help get rid of this difficult-to-remove filth.


When it came to cleaning the BMW 2002’s highly neglected carpets, Kosilla’s degreasing solutions were also very beneficial. The mice who had been living a comfortable life in their BMW house were still there when the seats were removed.

Added BMW News

The wheels of the BMW 2002 needed to be thoroughly cleaned, but because of their 20-spoke design, detailing each wheel required a lot of time. The opportunity to test out prototypes of Larry’s new wheel brush, which has a two-tier design to reach deep recesses on intricate rims like these with tiny areas for dirt to collect, was ideal for these wheels.

The end result serves as the ideal illustration of why you should clean your car before selling it. This complete detail by Kosilla makes this cleaned-up BMW 2002 look far better than it did in its original state. If viewing this BMW 2002’s before and after photos doesn’t inspire you to clean your car today, I don’t know what will.