Scooter Braun Is Shaking Off His Recent Divorce Filing With A New $65 Million Brentwood Mansion

Shake off any curveballs that life may throw at you.

The man who found Justin Bieber and once owned the Taylor Swift song mentioned in the preceding clause, Scooter Bruan, filed for divorce last month. He filed for divorce from Yael Cohen, with whom he had three children, after seven years of marriage. Scooter is shaking it all off by purchasing a brand-new $65 million Brentwood mansion in accordance with T. Swift’s lyrical advise.

As first detailed by, Scooter just finalized the acquisition of a 19,000 square-foot newly-constructed $65 million mansion set on 4 acres of Brentwood’s finest soil. It was Brentwood’s most expensive home sale ever.

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

through MLS and Blair Chang, agent

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

At the time of the sale, Scooter was not Ithaca’s sole owner, but he did hold the majority of the shares. Even if he owned just 51%, the smallest amount to maintain a “majority,” he would have grossed a half billion pre-taxes from the sale.

In relation to severing relationships, Yael Cohen and Scooter Cohen were wed in 2013. He is the one who filed for divorce in July 2021. Several publications claim that the couple’s pre-nup is absolutely legal. And although you may think that’s bad news for Yael, things could potentially go the other way!

David Cohen, Yael’s father, serves as the president and chief executive officer of the Canadian mining firm esrey Resources (the first word is intentionally lowercase). David sold the Gold Wheaton Group, a prior business, for $1 billion in 2011. He co-founded Northern Orian Resources Inc. before that, which was sold in 2007 for $1.5 billion.

At Yael’s parents’ property in Whistler, British Columbia, Scooter and Yael were wed. A mansion in Brentwood cost the newlyweds $13 million a few months later. Yael’s parents’ $25 million mansion was located immediately across the street from theirs. In January 2020 Scooter and Yael stepped up their game by purchasing the house immediately next door for $18 million. John Travolta was the vendor.

Presumably, Yael, who recently got divorced, will look after the Brentwood property with the kids and the in-laws who live nearby while Scooter establishes his business in his new $65 million estate.

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