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Rolando Romero On Gervonta Davis Fight

Rolando Romero Despite the fact that Rolando Romero was knocked out by Gervonta Davis in the sixth round of their fight,…



Rolando Romero On Gervonta Davis Fight: Despite the fact that Rolando Romero was taken out in the 6th round by Gervonta Davis last Saturday, Rolly was his standard thing, reckless self in the quick post-battle repercussions, requesting a rematch and guaranteeing he uncovered Davis and won each round of the battle.

Rolando Romero On Gervonta Davis Fight

Romero, who has a record of 14-1 with 12 knockouts, has had some time to reflect and is now adopting a strategy that the fans will probably find to be much more satisfactory; however, he has not lost his certainty.

Romero explained his defeat by saying, “I lost to the better man that evening, and I felt like I was working effectively upholding him with my punch.” “I was making progress toward victory when I made a mistake, which led to my downfall. I intend to make a serious effort to climb back to the top of the organization with the end goal of being promoted to management. Tank has my utmost respect, and I sincerely hope that everything works out well for him. It’s important that the Rolly show goes on.”

Rolando Romero Regarding the Gervonta Davis fight, the 26-year-old Romero, who only started boxing when he was 17, was behind 48-47 and 49-46 on two score cards, but he was ahead 48-47 on the third. Romero won the fight. At the time of the stoppage, two separate informal scorecards showed that Davis was ahead in the fight 48-47 thanks to Terrible Left Hook.


Romero worked effectively selling the battle and himself, and sensibly he performed better than a great deal of cynics — some of whom might have tuned in to see him get humiliated — accepted he would. The event generated a significant amount of buzz, however, and Romero was a significant component of that. Romero worked effectively selling the battle and himself.

In addition, he acknowledges that his exhibition and the manner in which he caused those waves will assist him in continuing to participate in significant conflicts, which is, according to him, precisely what he requires.

He said, “When my name is called, I’ll be ready to get back in the ring,” and I quote: “I’ll be prepared.” “I am aware that I have what it takes to hold a title, and sooner rather than later, I will realize my goal of accomplishing that feat.

“I truly established myself, and at this point I am able to engage in those massive battles with every one of the best warriors in the division. It is necessary for me to compete against Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, and George Kambosos. My rematch with Tank is going to have to happen sooner or later, but I’m aware that in order to get there, I’m going to have to work my way backwards.