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Roger Goodell Has Made A Half Billion Dollars Working For The NFL Since 2007 Alone

$1 BILLION. Becoming commissioner of the NFL Additionally, all Roger Goodell has to endure is jeers wherever he goes.



The NFL season is nearing its halfway point, and with several teams looking like championship contenders, we’re shaping up for another exciting finish. But is there one individual who won’t care who plays in the Super Bowl? Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner. No matter who wins, he will profit greatly.

Goodell reportedly earned $128 million over the previous two seasons, according to the New York Times. About 90% of that money ($115 million) is the result of bonuses, working on the league’s collective bargaining agreement, and securing a massive new media deal for the league.

With a 1,019 to 959 vote, the league approved a new collective bargaining agreement in March 2020. The 17-game slate was increased by one under the new deal, and it will remain that way through the year 2030.

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Getty Images/Cliff Hawkins

Goodell, who signed a five-year extension in 2017, won the title of commissioner in 2006 and has been in charge since 2007, when he replaced former commissioner Paul Tagliabue. His first year as commissioner, he earned $6 million, and ever since, he has made enormous sums of money—far more than any player has ever made.

In total, Goodell has made $492.7 during his time as commissioner—nearly half a billion dollars in 15 years. In contrast, Drew Brees is the NFL player who has earned the most money overall. Over the course of his 20 seasons in the league, he earned $269.7 million in pay. Here is a breakdown of Goodell’s earnings since 2007 by year:

2007: $6,000,000
$12 million in 2008
$10 million in 2009
$10 million in 2010
$12 million in 2011
$29.5 million in 2012
$44.2 million in 2013
2014: $45,050,000
$40 million in 2015
2016: $45,000,000,000
$35 million in 2017
$40 million in 2018
$50 million in 2019
$50 million in 2020
64 million in 2021



$492.7 million

Goodell likely isn’t going anywhere, so he should easily surpass the half-a-billion mark. If you can get it, being the commissioner of the NFL is undoubtedly a terrific job!