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Riot details adjustments to systems, Janna, and 3 other champs in League Patch 12.14

A ton of changes are coming in the next patch.



During Patch 12.14, Riot Games will begin making minor modifications in an effort to stabilize the League of Legends meta for the remainder of the season.

The chief designer for League, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, recently announced all of the upcoming balance changes for Patch 12.14. Modifications will be made to five champions and certain systems in general.

The majority of the changes in Patch 12.14 are to the game’s base stats. Changes to health regeneration for Wukong, Aatrox, and red Kayn are coming, with red Kayn’s healing skills getting slightly nerfed in the process. Her E’s additional healing and shield have been reduced, while Janna’s ultimate has been increased to make up for it.

The next update will include a plethora of more system-related enhancements. Many consumables, like as healing elixirs, Summoner spells like Teleport, and even some runes, will be upgraded soon. Most significantly, Riot intends to alter the bonuses for every dragon (with the exception of the Elder Dragon and the Rift Herald). Overall, drake blessings will become more potent. For example, the second Herald will have 76% higher health after the next update. However, dragons will be less destructive.


The “final set of big adjustments sans World’s balance and we’ll be otherwise stabilizing,” as Phroxzon put it in a social media post, has been implemented.

On July 27, the Rift will receive patch 12.14.