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Report: NBA advancing toward harsher penalties for bench impropriety

The Mavericks got fined over and over and over for bench-decorum violations during the playoffs – and kept pushing the line.



The Mavericks continued to cross the line despite receiving repeated fines for bench-decorum infractions during the playoffs. Dallas simply accepted the fines as the price of their ardent friendship.

The cost could increase the following year.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the NBA competition committee is suggesting to the Board of Governors stricter sanctions for bench-decorum violations:

Of course, the goal of this isn’t to guarantee that the 10 players on the court really decide games. It’s about safeguarding the devotees who spend a lot on tickets.


That’s all right. The NBA exists for financial gain. The league should be concerned with the satisfaction of its patrons, especially the most avid spenders.

We’ll watch to see whether the league modifies the regulation. However, as the Mavericks demonstrated, post-game sanctions only go so far. Calling technical fouls that could change game outcomes would benefit the league.

Haynes also claims that the NBA is moving closer to effectively eradicating take fouls by giving the team that committed the foul the ball and a free throw, which is a positive improvement.

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