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Putin to meet with Iran, day after US warned Tehran may provide Moscow with drones: Live Ukraine updates

Putin announced he will visit Iran next week after the White House warned Iran could provide Russia with drones to continue its attack on Ukraine.



technology, he claimed. “In this aspect, there hasn’t been any noteworthy development recently.”

Following this week’s trips by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Israel and Saudi Arabia, where Iran’s nuclear program will be a major topic of conversation, comes Putin’s visit.

most recent developments

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian military claimed to have destroyed a Russian weapons stockpile in southern Ukraine, causing a tremendous explosion that was documented on social media. Meanwhile, rescuers reported that 45 people had died as a result of a Russian strike over the weekend in eastern Ukraine.


via telemedicine, US doctors are assisting Ukrainian medical teams.

A cutting-edge American healthcare network is offering revolutionary medical care in Ukraine by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of materials and lending its large network of specialists’ knowledge to multiple Ukraine medical facilities.

The largest healthcare organization in New York State, Northwell Health, is implementing the telemedicine system it created during the COVID pandemic to deliver 24/7 free consultations to medical professionals in Ukraine.

They can get in touch with Northwell’s professionals using a number of web-based channels, including Whatsapp and Telegram, whether they are medics on the front lines, doctors in conflict areas, or caregivers for injured troops and civilians overseas. Read more here.


— USA TODAY’s Jorge Ortiz

Originally published on USA TODAY, this article says: Putin will meet with Iran the day after the US issued a warning that Tehran might give Moscow drones: Live updates on Ukraine