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PUBG’s newest update has arrived

PUBG is experiencing an explosion of popularity is expanding to new heights.



PUBG: Battlegrounds has been around for almost five full years, and the popular battle royale game is still receiving regular feature updates. The game now has a brand-new map in version 18.2, along with a ton of brand-new tools and strategies. Continue reading to find out more.

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Map Update: Deston

The ninth overall map in PUBG, Deston, is the focus of version 18.2. With the city of Ripton (seen above), a marsh, a theme park, a hydroelectric dam, a concert venue, and even a paintball course, the biomes here are remarkably varied. A lot of the interesting points rely on the update’s other significant additions, so let’s look at those next.


Ascenders and parachutes are two new map-useful items.

Map-related goods will be added to PUBG with update 18.2. This new category of tools includes objects that will speed up your navigation of the map, as the name would imply. Ascenders, which are attached to big buildings like the cell towers in the image at the top of this article, can be seen all over the world. When you first spawn in Deston, you’ll already have the attachment, allowing you to rapidly climb or descend these structures by clipping onto ropes. As you climb, you become completely exposed, so move quickly.

All droppers into Deston are also given utility parachutes. This functions precisely like the parachute opened at the start of the game, allowing you to slowly descend from a height. The movement meta in PUBG has just gotten much more complex thanks to this and the new ascender.

fresh features Fuel pumps, security doors, and drone theft


Deston also has areas that gamers can only send drones into because they are too small to fit humans inside. There is loot to be found inside these hiding places, which are dispersed throughout the landscape.

Behind the new security doors that can be found everywhere across Deston, you can also find high-tier loot. To unlock them, you’ll need a security key, so look for those in the regular treasure areas. A security door is an excellent ambush location, so be careful when you approach one.

And finally, PUBG now has gas pumps. If you stop by while operating a car, you can fill the tank. You’ll want to be cautious when stopping for a pit stop, much like with the security doors. Visits to fuel pumps come with a genuine risk/reward because they can explode if fired.

012 Shotgun & Airboat: New Armament & Vehicle


A PUBG update wouldn’t be complete without some new weapons and vehicles. The 012, dubbed “the world’s fastest shotgun,” is unique to Deston. It not only has a large magazine capacity, but it also has a long shotgun range. This is an extremely potent weapon.

Regarding the new car, Deston has airboats. Airboats are typically associated with marshes and are particularly swift in shallow water. They aren’t just amphibious either; you can drive them on land as well.

Changes to the Game & New Workshop

Update 18.2 also includes a number of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. Some prior maps have had visual alterations in addition to those subtle, behind-the-scenes changes. For instance, Miramar’s buildings now have improved textures and a fresh coat of paint. Billboards are also scattered over the map. Visit the PUBG website to see the full list of changes and the patch notes.