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Potential MVP candidates from the top four teams at Masters Copenhagen

Fnatic, Paper Rex, OpTic Gaming and FPX all have star players.



Twelve teams from all over the world qualified to compete at Masters Copenhagen, but now only four remain. Only one of the original VALORANT teams is still based in North America; the other three are all based in Asia or Europe or Africa.

There is a chance for every team to win it all, but only one player on the winning team can be named the tournament’s MVP.

In order to reach the final four, every team will need to have exceptional players, but there will be one on each team who has consistently outperformed expectations.

Term Paper T. Rex


The Singapore team’s spectacular play has earned them a spot in the Masters’ top three in Denmark, where they have been the subject of much acclaim. If the team keeps up its impressive play, they may even bring home a trophy from a major international LAN.

Paper Rex has yet to lose a map at Copenhagen, and they’ll have another chance to keep their perfect record against OpTic Gaming on the 22nd of this month.

Paper Rex has many talented players, but none more so than Aaron “mindfreak” Leonhart. He has consistently shown his ability to help his team succeed no matter the challenge. Mindfreak, as a controller player, may not always be Paper Rex’s primary entry point, but he more than makes up for it by securing key sites. He has a 1.48 KD in his last two games against Guild Esports and Fnatic, making him Paper Rex’s leading MVP candidate.



Fnatic’s fortunes have fluctuated throughout the course of VALORANT, but they’re currently on the upswing thanks to their strong showing at the EMEA Challengers. After adding two new players, Fnatic has been performing well and has moved into contention for their first international trophy.

Emir “Alfajer” Ali Bede, one of the newer members of Fnatic, has been a game-changer for the squad in crucial moments. The Turkish prodigy can play a variety of roles, from sentinel to duelist, depending on the situation.

Alfajer is the ideal Most Valuable Player due to his stellar performances and versatility in a variety of roles.

Playing on the OpTic


OpTic Gaming, defending champions of Masters Reykjavk, have repeatedly demonstrated why they are among the best teams in the world.

OpTic Gaming overcame a rough start to Copenhagen to finish in third place. The next game will determine whether or not the team advances to the finals and faces another EMEA opponent.

All of OpTic Gaming’s players are pros, but Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker stands out. As a member of the squad since its days as Team Envy, yay has risen to the top of the international rankings for both Operator and Chamber. The other Operators can’t keep up with his level of skill and dedication, so he consistently earns the match MVP award.

If yay were to win the Masters again, he would undoubtedly be the MVP frontrunner.


Added Fun in Phoenix

There were several question marks surrounding FPX before they attended Masters Copenhagen. There was uncertainty about how far the team could go after reports circulated that the vast majority of its players would be unable to make the trip. Nonetheless, FPX persevered, one match at a time, with a substitute until they made it to the playoffs and could field their full roster. After making it to the top four, the team will have to play more of its fellow EMEA teams again if it wants to win the regional championship.

Since the Copenhagen group stage, Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks has been FPX’s most impressive player. In their first six matches, the Latvian player has shown off their versatility by making some spectacular plays on KAY/O, Chamber, and Jett.

If FPX take down Masters, it will be because of ardiis, who, like OpTic’s yay, is a Chamber master who can manipulate any situation to his advantage.