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Pink Releases ‘Irrelevant,’ Supports Michelle Obama’s Voting Initiative

The winner of the 2018 GRAMMY says she has a positive impact on the world, and that everyone is relevant in their own unique way.



Pink is responding to the present political climate by turning her annoyances into a fiery anthem and promoting voting rights.

On Thursday, the GRAMMY winner released a brand-new song named “Irrelevant” in which she asserted ownership of her voice, opinions, and self-worth. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to stand up for their rights and Pink intends to contribute the song’s revenues to Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, a nonpartisan national voting effort organization. By assisting in bridging racial and generational divides, the advocacy group hopes to alter the culture surrounding voting and boost participation in each election cycle.

In a statement, Pink said, “It gets really exhausting when the only answer is to tell me how irrelevant I am as a woman with an opinion and the courage to speak that opinion.” “I am important because I am here and a human being. Nobody is unimportant. Nobody can silence me, either.”

Pink and GRAMMY-winning producer/songwriter Ian Fitchuk wrote the song together for the first time. Pink teased the process on social media, so it seems to have come together quickly.


She shared a quick a cappella sample of the unfinished song on Monday.

She provided an update the following day: “got up. heated up. made a song. Arriving soon, “Along with a picture of the handwritten lyrics on a napkin, she posted a message on Twitter on Tuesday.

With her husband Carey Hart, Pink has made it a top effort to set a good example for their two children, Jameson, 5, and Willow, 11. The pair spoke candidly to ET about how being parents improved their life last year.

Children accelerated our maturation, according to Hart. “Children forced us to mature, prioritize, and sort of get in our lane and stay in our lane because you can’t be young and loose and petty and fighting as much with kids. So that undoubtedly came in handy.”


Regarding the lifestyle she and her spouse have established, Pink continued, “I give Carey a lot of the credit for that because he has his own profession but takes breaks for us every few years. We live as a family. Everywhere we go, we roll together, and I’m fortunate to be able to be the one in charge, make the decisions, and provide a world where they can prosper.”

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