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Pete Alonso out of the way let’s go to the final with Julio Rodriguez

Two of the top contenders in this year’s home run hitting contest are Pete Alonso and Kyle Schwarber.



The longball is a fan favorite.

The 2022 Home Run Derby will take place in Los Angeles on Monday night, the night before the 92nd All-Star Game.

The 21-year-old rookie slugger Julio Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners is having a coming out party after knocking out two-time defending World Series champion Pete Alonso of the New York Mets with 32 home runs in the first round and 31 in the second.

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Albert Pujols, 42, stunned top-seeded Kyle Schwarber in the first round with a tiebreaker win, and now faces Juan Soto in the semifinals.

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The Home Run Derby will be streamed live right here on ESPN+ throughout the night.



The answer to this question is 4. No. 8 Albert Pujols (Astros) faces Juan Soto (Nationals) (Cardinals)

Pujols – 16 HR – longest 419 ft:: The 42-year-old certainly had something left in the tank, as he put on a strong performance that could push Soto over the edge..

Sixth No. 2 Pete Alonso loses to Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez in the rubber match (Mets)


Rodriguez – 31 hours – 450 feet – the longest It’s back to back 31-homer performances by the rookie to put serious pressure on two-time defending champion Alonso.

To put some serious pressure on two-time champion Alonso, the 21-year-old rookie hit 31 homers. Alonso – 24 HR – 463 ft: The champion has been knocked to the ground! There were some unlucky hits off the left-field wall, but Alonso couldn’t keep up with Rodriguez and it would have required a near-perfect round to beat him.

With your two-time defending champion #HRDerby knocked out, it’s a great feeling ESPN (@espn) 19 July 2022

This is the opening round of


Eighth place is reserved for Cardinals’ Albert Pujols dethrones No. 1 Kyle Schwarber is a professional ice hockey player (Phillies)

Thirteen home runs, the longest of 434 feet: He received an outpouring of support from the crowd and his teammates during the 42-year-final old’s Home Run Derby.

This year’s Home Run Derby marked the final time the 42-year-old was embraced by fans and teammates alike before bonus time. Schwarber – 13 HR – longest 470 feet: A difficult round for last year’s runner-up ended with him failing to get this year’s victor across in the allotted one minute of bonus time. There will be a deciding factor in the event of a tie.

A difficult round for last year’s runner-up ended with him failing to get this year’s victor across in the allotted one minute of bonus time. A tiebreaker will be held! 20–19: Pujols came alive in the one-minute extra round, while Schwarber was still warming up. What a disaster!


Nationals No. 4 Juan Soto defeated No. 5 Jose Ramirez (Guardians)

Ramirez (17 HR) set a new record with a leap of 421 feet. A left-handed batter, Soto is likely to outshine even the best right-handed hitter in the game, Cleveland’s star.

When he batted right-handed, Cleveland’s star routinely hit deep fly balls to the left field bleachers, but that won’t be enough to keep out Soto. Longest 482-foot run by Soto (18 hours): With a second left in regulation, he walked it off and didn’t even use the full minute of extra time.

There is no stopping Juan Soto as he bats his way into the second round! #HRDerby On July 19, 2022, MLB (@MLB)


The answer to this question is two. Pete Alonso (Mets) beats No. 7 in the order. Ronald Jr. Acua, Jr. (Braves)

At 472 feet, Acuna’s longest distance is 19 HR. To earn 30 seconds of bonus time, he was unable to hit a home run over 440 feet early in the game. Although he was clearly out of steam by the end, it was an impressive performance from a player who tore his anterior cruciate ligament just days before last year’s All-Star game. Only one homer over 440 feet was enough to earn him 30 seconds of bonus time. Great effort from a guy who tore his ACL just days before last year’s All-Star Game, but was clearly running out of gas. Alonso – 20 HR – the longest 480 feet: : Alonso’s chances looked bleak with about a minute to go, but he got hot and walked it off about halfway through his one-minute bonus time period.

— ESPN (@espn) July 19, 2022 No. 6 Julio Rodriguez (Mariners) defeats No. 3 Corey Seager (Dodgers) in a game at Dodger Stadium (Rangers)

Rodriquez – 32 home runs, the longest of which was 463 feet: About halfway through the three-minute round, the rookie was forced to take a break after hitting 14 home runs. Prior to bonus time, Mookie Betts gave him some encouragement and he went on to add seven more in the final minute.


451 feet long: Seager’s longest distance in a 24-hour period Former Dodger homered in the right field stands with his dad on the mound, but he couldn’t keep up with Rodriguez. While the other All-Stars and Julio Rodriguez hit 32 home runs, it was a hit with the crowd. Round 2 is now on the horizon after a victory over Corey Seager! @JRODshow44: #HRDerby ESPN (@espn) 19 July 2022

With his derby bat, Pete Alonso shows off.

Special lumber is being transported by the “Polar Bear.”

This evening, Pete Alonso will be using a bat that reads “polar power.” — SNY (@SNYtv) 18 July 2022


Dave Jauss, Alonso’s former pitcher, makes a triumphant return.

While serving as bench coach for the New York Mets, Dave Jauss served as the two-time defending home run champion’s pitcher in 2013. Alonso will get a pitch from Jauss on Monday in Los Angeles, despite the fact that he is now a Nationals advisor.

Pete Alonso reports that Dave Jauss has already started brewing three pots of coffee in anticipation of tonight’s game. There will be a July 18, 2022, episode of SYN (@SYNTv)

You can relive last year’s Home Run Derby by watching these highlights.


Live updates of the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby are available here. In the Los Angeles final, Julio Rodriguez defeats defending champion Pete Alonso.