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Over 50 Buses visited Ted Cruz on Tuesday

An anti-gun violence group called “Change the Ref” protested in front of a Texas Senator on Thursday.



Senator Ted Cruz of Texas received a visit from more than 50 school buses on Thursday as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence.

There were 52 school buses with 4,368 empty seats—the number of children killed by gun violence since 2020—on their way to Sen. Ted Cruz’s office, led by gun control advocacy group Change the Ref.

A Sandy Hook victim’s kindergarten graduation card and a LeBron James jersey worn by Parkland shooting victim Joaquin Oliver were among the memorabilia displayed on the school buses.

Manuel Oliver, Joaquin’s father and co-founder of Change the Ref, is an artist and co-founder of the organization.


The “NRA Children’s Museum” protest began with a stop at Ted Cruz’s Houston home before moving to his office building on Thursday morning.

An updated version of this article will be posted as soon as new information becomes available.

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