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One NFL team has drawn more bets to go undefeated than the other 31 teams combined

The NFL hasn’t seen an undefeated regular season since 2007



To date (7/15), there have been 19 wagers on the Bills going undefeated through the first 17 games, compared to 14 wagers on all other teams combined. There have been a total of 14 wagers placed on other teams, with the Cowboys and the Rams receiving the most (three wagers each).

Those 19 gamblers stand to make a lot of money if the Bills manage to go undefeated. One betting site gives the Bills a 35-to-1 shot at going 17-0 in the regular season, meaning a $100 wager on this outcome would return $3,500 in winnings.

However, the Bills’ schedule isn’t easy on the eyes, what with games against the Chiefs and Packers in addition to the Super Bowl champion Bengals and Rams.

The interesting thing about the Bills and Rams drawing the most bets to go undefeated is that one of them is almost certainly going to lose in Week 1 since they play each other. The worst case scenario for most bettors would be a tie, because it would mean that neither team can finish 17-0 (The bet you can make on Caesars Sportsbook is for the team to win exactly 17 games and they won’t be able to do that if there’s a tie).


The Cowboys, despite being the UNDERDOG in Week 1, are receiving money on bets that they will remain unbeaten. For the opening week of the season, the Cowboys are a 2-point home underdog to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Personally, I don’t think we’ll see any team go undefeated, but if I HAD to place a bet right now, I’d probably go with the Colts. On their 2022 schedule, the Colts only have to face four teams that won 10 or more games last season (Chiefs, Titans, Cowboys, Patriots) (Chiefs, Titans, Cowboys, Patriots). Also, they’re in one of the NFL’s easiest divisions and they get to play the NFC East in their cross-conference matchup this year.